Practicing with Machines: Leveraging AI to Streamline to Practice of Law

Niki Black

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Event with Niki Black, Senior Director, SME and External Education at LawPay and MyCase 

Mundane operational tasks can waste hours of your valuable time. Effort that could be spent on high-value work instead gets trapped in complicated, manual processes. Fortunately, advancements in automation technology can address these issues. 

Join Niki Black, attorney, legal expert, and SME and External Education at MyCase and LawPay, for an engaging exploration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal space. Niki will unravel the immense potential of AI, and offer practical solutions for solo and small businesses who may not be ready to dive into AI just yet. 

You’ll discover: 

  • Strategies to save time and money using AI to automate mundane tasks
  • Methods to utilize current technology that can efficiently automate law firm processes, such as document management and billing
  • Tools to manage case to-dos and deadlines, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow