MyCase Case Study

Watson Legal Support LLC

Derrick Watson is not your typical legal professional. He’s also the CEO of a newly launched business,Watson Legal Support LLC, a professional legal services company that pairs licensed attorneys with clients in addition to professional paralegals who provide legal assistance in a variety of areas including family law and bankruptcy.

A business built on connections

It’s not surprising that Watson founded a company in the legal space. After all he’s a paralegal in the state of Washington and has always had an interest in business. When you combine those factors with his desire to help others, it seems only natural that he now heads up a company that facilitates much-needed connections between busy lawyers and paralegals, while also helping lawyers find new clients.

As Watson explains, Washington has a large population of legal professionals and “new legal professionals in the area have difficulty creating connections, gaining clients, and standing out in the crowd.” After noticing that this problem existed, Watson set out to fix it. He saw an “enormous hiring pool” filled with top talent individuals. So he founded his company with the goal of making connections between lawyers and paralegals in the legal space and helping attorneys find new clients and cases.

In search of software to manage his company’s data

Because there was such a strong demand for the services his company provided, Watson expected his business would grow quickly and that he’d ultimately be managing many clients. He realized that the ability to maintain organized client files in a way that would scale as his business expanded was an essential building block to his future success.

After conducting some research, it became clear that case management software would fit the bill perfectly. And, for his needs, a cloud-based system would be the best solution. So he set out to find a powerful case and document management system that provided 24/7 convenient access to his clients’ files.

The MyCase solution

When Watson discovered MyCase, he knew he’d found the right software for his needs. MyCase is simple to use, provides unlimited document storage, and his company’s data can be accessed from any Internet-enable device, day or night. Importantly, MyCase helps him to stay organized—something that his clients appreciate. He explains that when working with new attorneys, they are uniformly impressed by how well-managed their cases are because of MyCase: “Attorneys see how organized I am between the calendars, time tracking, and easy to access cloud-based document storage.”

According to Watson, one of the most-used features is the ability to upload and collaborate on documents in MyCase. The client portal enables contracted paralegals and attorneys to work together and communicate in a secure online environment and facilities a productive and mutually beneficial working relationship.

Growing his business in the cloud

His company has grown quickly since he founded it in early 2014. Initially, Watson was the sole paralegal at Watson Legal Support LLC. But he now has 12 paralegals and 12 attorneys in contract with his business.

According to Watson, it wouldn’t have been possible without MyCase. Watson explains that a successful business must be cost-conscious and productive—and because of MyCase his business meets both criteria: “MyCase is a very affordable solution—and a powerful, full-featured one. It increases productivity by providing the ability to track progress on each case, thus ensuring the quality of work being performed.”

Watson has been using MyCase’s case management software for eight months now and considers himself to be an extremely satisfied customer: “Without MyCase I would be dead in the water.”


  • Increase in business
  • Improved organization
  • Increase in number of contract employees
  • Better communication & coordination between paralegals & attorneys

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