MyCase Case Study

Thomas C. Orr Law Offices

Thomas C. Orr Law Offices is a small law firm that focuses mostly on family law and tenant & property management law. After operating as a solo practitioner for ten years, Tom found the administrative demands of running his own firm to be a burden and closed his doors in 2010 only to reopen his doors following a three-year-stint at a larger law firm.

The Search for Better Billing and Streamlined Processes

While running his original independent firm, Tom found that the constant administrative problems kept him tied up and unable to focus on his clients as much as he'd like. Although he did buy software to automate some of the office tasks, the systems were cumbersome, expensive and didn't provide the help he needed.

"Time keeping, records and billing were really difficult," he recalled. "We didn't have a very good system. Monthly billing was a daunting process. Finally I got so fed up, I joined an established law firm so I didn't have to deal with the headaches of managing my own practice."

Yet Tom never lost the desire to run his own firm and in January of 2013, he decided to give it another shot. He knew that legal practice software had improved over the years and wanted to find a new, easy-to-use system that could streamline and expedite the same practice tasks that had been such a burden before. He also wanted this system to strengthen client relationships through better communication and correspondence features.

"When I went back out on my own, it was important to have a manageable and affordable system to handle all of my administrative needs. I was seeking a way to keep track of time, get my bills out, and ultimately build trust and improve communication with clients," he said.

After researching cloud providers, Tom looked at a few popular software packages on the market and found that most seemed cumbersome and costly. His search eventually led him to MyCase.

Striking Gold with Accounting Features, Customer Service, and Ease of Use

Tom immediately found that MyCase provided the features he needed with an intuitive interface.

"I was really impressed with the customer service and ease of operation," he said. "Starting my firm, I needed to attend to so many different items begging for my attention right away. It was a pleasant surprise to get the system in place and not deal with a learning curve while getting it running and then maintaining it."

Tom has found that using MyCase's accounting has saved him considerable time and money. "I use the accounting feature to generate bills, and I'm very pleased with the way it works," he said. "The invoicing is top notch also. Clients can view their account status and pay online, which is a highly cost-effective way to handle payments, especially by credit card. I used to spend hundreds of dollars a month on accounting and bookkeeping, so this aspect now pays for the software itself."

MyCase has also helped Tom foster better client relationships, particularly through the messaging feature and Web-based client portal.

"My clients are very enthusiastic about it. They really appreciate being able to go online and see case notices and files on demand." He added that the round-the-clock availability of documents and case information in the cloud has saved him time as well. "Clients don't feel as if they're waiting for me to answer questions because they can see the status of their documents in real-time, anytime."

Results that made Thomas C. Orr a Believer in MyCase

Tom intends to expand his use of the system by integrating other features in the future, including Workflow templates to help him streamline his case management tasks. He credits MyCase with providing a smooth and efficient path back to his solo practice.

"It would be a daunting task to set all this up by myself," he said. "MyCase made it possible. I love to talk up MyCase to other solo lawyers because it really has made such a difference in my practice."

Results include:

  • Better communication with clients
  • Cost-savings of hundreds of dollars per month
  • Easier invoice generation and collections
  • Trust account management
  • Smooth implementation
  • Enhanced client satisfaction

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