Top 10 Reasons Law Firms Choose MyCase

1. All-In-One Software Solution

With MyCase, you can manage all of your firm’s daily functions - case and matter management, client communication, billing, time tracking, online payments, calendaring, workflows, etc. — through one central system, meaning you no longer have to waste time and money managing multiple tools.

2. Ease Of Use

MyCase is the most user-friendly web-based legal practice management software on the market. Not a techy? Not a problem. But don’t take our word for it...hear it from MyCase customers!

3. More Practicing, Less Managing

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra time to take on more cases, work on your marketing efforts, or be with your family? MyCase allows you to streamline and simplify routine tasks so that you can spend more time focusing on what you want (or need) to do.

4. Secure Client Communication

MyCase was originally built to address one of the most pressing problems in the legal industry: a lack of secure and efficient means for attorney/client communication. With our integrated client communication portal, you can securely and effectively communicate with your clients and feel confident sharing with them any sensitive materials, documents, or events.

5. Access When You Need It

On your way to court but forgot some case information? The MyCase apps for lawyers - now available on iPhone, iPad and Android - allow you to work from anywhere at any time. That means no more lost billable time, missed appointments, or document searching - MyCase has you covered!

6. Affordability

Looking for a legal practice management software solution that won’t break the bank? Look no further. MyCase is priced with the realities of the solo and small law practice in mind: only $39/month/user (when billed annually).


7. Made In The USA

Not only is the entire MyCase team based in the US (more specifically San Diego and Santa Barbara, CA), but so are the servers that your data is stored on. When you call us, we aren’t far away and we speak your language.

8. Security

Worried about data security? You’re not alone. At MyCase, our top priority is keeping your data secure 24/7/365. We are committed to offering cloud-based software with bank-grade security, two factor authentication, 128-bit SSL encryption for data transmission and 256-bit AES encryption for data storage.

9. Automated Workflows

Are you trying to create consistency in your practice and run it more efficiently? Well, look no further than the powerful MyCase Workflow feature. Our Workflow tool allows you to automate routine tasks and events so that you and your staff no longer have to waste time repeating the same motions day in and day out.

10. Integrated Website

MyCase gives you the option of adding a modern, professional website that is fully integrated with your MyCase instance. You and your clients can login to this site to easily and efficiently access case information, manage bills, and communicate. Hundreds of attorneys are using this offering to bring in new business and delight their clientele.

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