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A Bit of Backstory

Smith Paknejad PLC has been using MyCase since the firm's inception in 2013, and since then has seen a 57-58% growth in caseload year over year. Attorney Pouria Paknejad is a founding member and managing partner. Pouria has appeared as a legal expert on Fox, ABC, CBS, KTVK-TV,KAZT-TV, and KTAR-FM.

Switching to MyCase

When he founded Smith Paknejad, Pouria said, “MyCase is an integral part of our firm's operation. We chose it because MyCase is intuitive to use for us as attorneys and for our clients.” Even with massive growth, the firm is committed to excellent client experiences. “With the time it has saved us, MyCase has allowed us to remain focused on delivering the superior legal representation to Arizonans,” Pouria says.


MyCase's ease-of-access, both for attorneys and clients, is excellent.

Attorney Pouria Paknejad
Founding Member and Managing Partner, Smith Paknejad PLC

Why MyCase?

One of the firm's goals when choosing a software was to make client communication easy and secure. Pouria said, “When we started in 2013, my partner and I were leery of not having anything billing related “on paper.” We were genuinely concerned that there would be a steep learning curve for our clients when we went paperless and used the client portal instead. It was surprising to see clients take to the client portal so quickly. We did not experience the usual growing pains associated with introducing new technology into a workflow. Clients quickly implemented the portal into their communications with counsel – this speaks to how intuitive the portal is.”

Besides being intuitive, the firm needed software to efficiently manage their cases and the tasks associated with them, like creating invoices and sending invoices to clients. “Billing through MyCase takes a typically days-long process and pares it down to just one day, sometimes even less. Our clients appreciate the ease of access to their invoices — and, subsequently, to their attorneys.”


We asked Pouria how MyCase helped him efficiently manage his firm's infrastructure.

What feature in MyCase has contributed most to your bottom line?

Definitely the direct invoicing to clients via email and the direct pay on those invoices through the client portal.

What percentage of your clients pay online?

100% of clients pay online. We do that for a couple of reasons. It's actually best for clients- it creates an audit trail of everything that we've done and what they've paid. It's also great because doing paper billing requires the use and waste of a lot of natural resources.

Why do you have 100% of your clients pay online?

It may not be the sexiest answer, but it is because it helps us tremendously with ethical bookkeeping compliance. The ethics rules are there for the client's protection and we're there to protect the client's interest. What we do is serious business; we're mindful of that when we take a seat behind our desks each day. Having the audit trail of the billing from day one to the final day of representation in an easily accessible manner allows clients to access 24/7 and provides comprehensive protection for all parties involved.

What benefits are you seeing from direct pay through the client portal?

Clients pay faster and it saves time at the end of the month when bills go out.


We have received positive feedback from our clients with regard to online bill payments - it's fast and easy.

Attorney Pouria Paknejad
Founding Member and Managing Partner, Smith Paknejad PLC

If you were to give advice to a firm who is considering taking payments online, what would you say? What helped you?

It would be foolish to think that this profession is going to regress back to the days of paper billing. Everyone sees the writing on the wall. For those small to midsize firms who haven't transitioned to online payments, my question is: what are you waiting for? It's in both your best interest and the client's best interest. It saves time, money, and headache by allowing asynchronous access to information while reducing redundancies. Commit to getting it done and make the transition into the 21st Century.

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