MyCase Case Study

Law Office of Stephen P. Shepard, LLC

For Stephen Shepard, practicing law is all about providing exceptional client service. His criminal defense firm, The Law Office of Stephen P. Shepard, LLC, helps clients make the best of a bad situation through a collaborative, satisfying experience. According to Stephen, "Client-centered representation is the most important thing about my practice and it's the reason MyCase is so important to my law office."

MyCase makes client-centered practice possible

Stephen's client-centric practice is evident in every stage of representation, from the very first phone call. "When you call my office you get me, not a administrative assistant," he explains, "an open line of communication is incredibly important."

MyCase is integral to Stephen's approach, offering unsurpassed convenience for both him and his clients. "The client portal allows the collaboration that client-centered representation requires and helps me keep my clients informed about what's going on and what court dates are coming up." He continues, "With MyCase clients can access information from any device, not just online."

The perfect LPM for criminal defense lawyers

After conducting exhaustive research and testing the practice management software programs available, Stephen chose MyCase. "It immediately struck me as being particularly useful for criminal defense lawyers."

"The bottom line: It's the best LPM system out there."

Not only is MyCase intuitive and user-friendly, it has the right features for his practice: "MyCase seamlessly integrated with what I needed it to do."

Results include:

  • Enhanced client communication
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Differentiation from other firms

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