MyCase Case Study

Stephanie Fakih, Rights First Law

When Stephanie Fakih, Founder and Principal of the Rights Law Firm, decided to open her own law office in Southfield, Michigan, she wanted to build the firm on a strong foundation. She sought out cost-effective, powerful tools to help keep her practice efficient and organized. That’s where MyCase came into the picture.

Simple and affordable organization

Affordable, web-based law practice management software simply made sense for Stephanie: "Cloud-based software was the perfect choice for me since I was starting fresh...And, it’s so simple and affordable—especially because there’s no need for an IT guy."

She also values the mobility and security of MyCase. "I can be at any computer and as long as I have an internet connection, I have my whole law firm right in front of me. And most importantly, I have peace of mind because I know my data is secure."

MyCase–the right choice

Stephanie started off using a different platform before switching over to MyCase for its intuitive automation capabilities. She explains, "I love the workflows features. MyCase allows me to create workflows for my appeal matters and then automatically apply that workflow to each new client’s case. That way I don’t have to re-create the wheel each time by entering all the critical dates every time I open a new case."

"The interface is cleaner–the location of the tabs, the way the screen looks, and even the colors. It’s just intuitive and easy."

Results include:

  • Time-saving, streamlined process
  • Increased practice mobility
  • Improved data security

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