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A Bit of Backstory

Aaren Jackson, Founder of the Lane Law Firm, is a dedicated family law attorney. She uses MyCase for her practice management, payment solution, and website service. With the time she saves using MyCase, she loves writing romance novels and spending time with her soon-to-be-husband.

We had the opportunity to interview Aaren and hear how MyCase gives her a leg up. What follows is our interview with Aaren in her own words.

Switching to MyCase

Why did you choose MyCase?

When I was choosing a practice management software, one of the things I liked about MyCase is that it takes me less time to actually manage the practice. I used to have to worry about billing 30 hours a week and then dedicating another 20 hours a week to making sure that the business runs itself. I'm a solo, so all of that administration falls on me. Now I can just bill 30 hours a week. MyCase takes care of the management.

How does MyCase affect your business?

I have a competitive advantage with MyCase. Recently, I had a client who came into my office who was shopping a whole bunch of different attorneys. When I told him my rates, and he asked me how I was able to keep them so low. I told him that my communication is faster and my overhead is lower.

As he continued to ask me about my practice, he said to me, "If I start my case with you, I have hundreds of documents that I'll need to email you." In response, I showed him MyCase from the client side, and did a quick demonstration of how to batch upload documents. Then I said, "there's no storage limit, so go ahead and upload as many documents as you want." He looked stunned. He said every other attorney he'd talked to had limitations on what they can email or send. He immediately stopped shopping. He said, "What's your retainer?" I told him and added, "You can pay me through the same portal you upload the documents to." He pulled up MyCase on his phone and paid the retainer right then and there.

After showing MyCase to potential clients, I have never had a client say, "Ok, I'm going to talk with other attorneys." For me, that is the best feeling.


I have had clients referred to me specifically because of the client portal.

Aaren Jackson
Founder of the Lane Law Firm, P.C.

Tell me about online payments.

Because I do family law, I am intimately familiar with a lot of my client's finances. I usually know how much money they have and how much money they don't have. It would be very hard for me to call them and say "you've got this outstanding bill due," when I know that they're struggling financially. I don't like asking them to take the time to come into the office to pay, put a check in the mail, or to bring me cash.

But when the bill is available to pay online, it's just one of their other bills. When the client sees it as just another bill, they're more likely to pay it. And with payment reminders, you can tell them they have an overdue bill in a hands-off way. I never feel like I'm breathing down their throat. It's honestly really helpful.


I am collecting a higher percentage of my receivables through online payments, so I've made it my policy that new clients who come in are required to pay with MyCase.

Aaren Jackson
Founder of the Lane Law Firm, P.C.

I got a payment today and I didn't have to call anyone or track them down. I just hit that little overdue reminder and payments start coming in. I am collecting a higher percentage of my receivables through online payments, so I've made it my policy that new clients who come in are required to pay with MyCase.

Also, when they pay their bill online, their payment is attached to that bill. It is easy to see at a glance what's been paid and when. This is a function that you don't have with checks or cash. The payment attaches directly to the case so there's no disputing it. I love it!

Switching to MyCase

How does MyCase compare to other solutions?

I was attending a legal webinar the other day, and the host was talking about all the different practice management systems. They started talking about using a product specifically for document management. I considered a similar document management solution a few years ago, but ended up not purchasing because it cost $80/month. When other attorneys on the webinar started talking about their document management programs, they said they love tagging documents by "pleadings" or "motions" or "discovery" and then running a search to find all the documents they needed with that tag. I thought to myself, "MyCase does that." They said that you can store and keep track of your emails, and I said "Well, MyCase does that, too!"

I left that webinar thinking: there's nothing that they're telling me these competitors can do that I can't already do through MyCase- and that's already included in the price. It was nice to hear experts say "this is what you need" and you realize you already it!

Tell me about your website.

I had a FindLaw website before, and I would pay $1,100 a month for it. When I set up MyCase, I saw that you had a website option, so I started that process right away. I paid less my first year with a MyCase website than I did per month with my former website.

The thing is if you're going to pay a lot for a website, you have to have a return on your investment. There wasn't one with my old site. With a MyCase website, my clients can find me, get in contact with me, and check the client portal. I'm able to have a huge return on investment. Every month I am so happy when MyCase charged me- $89 dollars comes out of my account for the software and my website and I am just thrilled with the world.


I'm able to have a huge return on investment with my MyCase website.

Aaren Jackson
Founder of the Lane Law Firm, P.C.

It's impressive is that the mobile version of my site looks amazing, too. It's fully optimized for phones and tablets. Potential clients will always look you up– and they look you up on their phone!

How does MyCase provide an all-in-one solution for you?

I use just about every feature in MyCase because it's so much faster. Previously, when I was using another solution, everything that was worthwhile cost money. If I needed a new feature, I would have to pay more for it. But with MyCase, everything I need is included.

The calendar is great. I love that I can click on an appointment and immediately click into that client, their cases, and their documents. The linkage between all of the different functionalities helps me a lot.

Additionally, I used to avoid sending out bills before because it was such a hassle to go between different solutions. I like getting paid but sending out bills was a nightmare. With MyCase, it's so much easier to click and create an invoice, get it to a client, and have them pay online that day if they want to. I don't dread billing and invoicing the way I used to.

What would you tell other attorneys about MyCase?

I tell other attorneys that it's the best $39 a month I've spent. I save time, money, and hours spent on billing and organizing. MyCase is the best thing that's ever happened to me!

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