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Jacques Law

Karen Jacques is anything but your typical attorney. She runs a solo law practice, Jacques Law, in Kincardine, Ontario. Specializing in civil litigation, workplace safety and health and education law, Jacques initially began her career in a large law firm and later became in-house counsel for a large electricity generator company. The desire to spend more time with her son and have more autonomy in controlling her schedule is what eventually inspired her to launch her own firm in January 2013. Today Jacques helps her clients with cases involving safety processes, workman's compensation, insurance claim fraud and other workplace health and safety issues.

Tired of Disparate Systems and a Lack of Control

While at previous firms, Jacques used a combination of server-based software and paper documentation to manage her cases. It was a frustrating experience for several reasons.

"The system at my old firm had so many shortcomings," she said. "There was one program for files, one for tracking, and so on. There was nothing easy about it – and you had to be physically in the office to use it, which was really inconvenient."

When Jacques launched her own practice, she was determined that her firm would use a more modern Web-based software platform that could enhance day-to-day efficiency while increasing flexibility. As a solo attorney, it was also important to have a reliable system that wouldn't require costly support and maintenance.

"I love the cloud and I knew I wanted mobility, something simple. Being on my own, the last thing I wanted was an IT department and all that insanity," she explained.

Taking a colleague's advice, Jacques tried the top four Web-based platforms on the market. "MyCase was the most convenient by far," she said. "The team was very responsive to all of my questions and needs. I loved the customer service so much – which was just one reason I wound up choosing MyCase over all the others."

Discovering a Way for Cohesive Documentation and Mobility

Right away Jacques noticed the rewards of using MyCase. Not only did the system store all files in one place for quick and easy access, but the cloud-based platform offered her freedom from onsite IT support while eliminating the need for full-time support staff. This was a tremendous financial boon for a solo attorney getting her own firm off the ground. She also enjoyed the security of knowing her case files were safe in the cloud, protected from computer crashes, burglaries and disasters.

Yet the biggest reward for Jacques was her new mobility. Where her previous positions forced her to come to the office to view her case files, MyCase offered the ability to work wherever and whenever she wanted. Jacques now had the freedom to attend her son's school events and work in any location from any device – a convenience that greatly enhanced her quality of life.

"I work on my iPad, my phone and my laptop," Jacques said. "With MyCase, I can be anywhere. I can even work at the beach if I want to – and I do."

She added that the client portal has "quickly become one of my favorite things. My clients love it. They found navigating the others too cumbersome but they all love MyCase's simplicity. And because all of their documentation and information is uploaded in the system, they can view it anytime. This cuts down significantly on the amount of email I receive because clients can answer their own questions and find out what they need to using the client portal."

Jacques noted that MyCase saved her time in other ways. "I do a lot of insurance defense, which means I often have to send a letter to the insured with my contact information. This used to take up a lot of time – but now because it's all automated, it takes three minutes, if that. Altogether, I save a ton of time and get so much more done."

As her practice expands, Jacques intends to deepen her use of the MyCase platform, particularly with the templates feature. "I know MyCase has tools to help me streamline my workflows even more and that's definitely on the agenda as the firm grows," she said.


After almost a year of using MyCase, Jacques has found the platform to be an invaluable tool in launching her successful solo law practice. MyCase has the case management tools and client portals to quickly streamline administrative tasks and strengthen client relationships, while being scalable enough to grow with her expanding firm in the future.

Results include:

  • Cost savings through reduced staff and support needs
  • Boosted productivity and faster office processes
  • Increased client satisfaction
  • Enhanced work-life balance

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