MyCase Case Study

The Law Offices of Craig Greening

Criminal defense attorney Craig Greening worked his way through criminal defense firms that used manual antiquated systems to keep track of the various documents, procedures and billings needed to run his law practice. This meant significant amounts of paperwork, case notes written by hand and invoices typed up by assistants. These habits were time-consuming and often produced materials rife with human error. When Greening ventured out to start his solo practice, his first priority was to create a modern and efficient office that utilized technology to streamline work.

The Search for an Improved Client Experience

As Greening launched his new law firm in 2010, he began to evaluate the different legal practice management tools on the market. He knew he needed a software tool that would help the office run smoothly, and hoped to find features that could automate many of the daily tasks and processes. He also wanted a platform that could foster successful client relationships through straightforward and quick communication, along with convenient and transparent accounting features.

That summer, Greening met the MyCase team at a Las Vegas conference. Despite his earlier interest in other systems, his first experience with MyCase convinced him to sign up on the spot.

"I think we were one of MyCase's original customers," said Greening. "At the time, the features were more limited, but the attentive customer service I received tipped the scale largely in MyCase's favor. I was also drawn to the straightforward user interface, and the social feel of the platform, which were strong selling points in a town of 80,000 college students. It was simple to start using immediately, and its modern look and capabilities were – and still are – highly important to me and my staff."

Greening was also impressed by the MyCase team's dedication and responsiveness, noting that they valued – and often acted upon – his suggestions. "I liked how motivated and willing the team was to listen to what we needed as lawyers and work with us to meet those needs. It was like getting customized service, and having access to our very own support team whenever we needed it. We knew we'd made the best decision right from the get-go."

Answers in the Form of Escalated Productivity, Communication, and Ease of Use

Throughout the three years he and his staff have been using MyCase, Greening has seen the software transform every aspect of his legal practice. "It's been an outstanding tool," he said, noting that one of his favorite features is the Messaging function. "Emails are hard to keep up with and not always secure, so we use MyCase almost exclusively for communication purposes. It's been gold for improving and maintaining our client relationships."

Greening noted that the Calendar function has also heightened communication, especially in keeping disorganized clients aware of court appointments. "Our clients land in various places along a spectrum of professions, but one commonality is that all of them lead very hectic lives. We always call clients the day before their hearings and MyCase follows our call with an email, making it our partner in a two-pronged approach to keep clients accountable. As a result, we've seen a dramatic reduction in the number of clients who miss court dates, which is important for my success as their attorney."

Inside the practice walls, Greening said the Workflow feature has boosted everyone's productivity, including attorneys, paralegals and assistants. Because the software can assign any task to anyone, the practice has been able to eliminate time-consuming briefings. "Everyone is on an account," said Greening. "So we assign tasks and the staff comes in and picks up on what they need to do, instead of spending valuable time briefing everyone at the beginning of each day."

The Workflow feature has further helped the practice streamline its casework. While the firm handles many different types of cases, the same or similar steps and processes can be used across most. Workflow has significantly helped to reduce the duplication of work and wasted time in these cases.

The Documentation section of MyCase is a favorite of Greening's, as it has saved the firm both time and money. "We upload everything to the document section - audio, video, police reports, motions filed, letters to the court," he said. "We no longer have to mail documents, which saves a lot of money. In fact, the software pays for itself in terms of the postage costs that we save."

While the practice initially had handled client accounts through a separate accounting system, MyCase's robust payment functionality changed that. "The accounting portion of MyCase is great – it offers client payment options that are really popular, like partial payments and online payments," Greening said. "It makes it easy for me to see who has overdue payments, who has trust accounts, and what current payment statuses are, so I can have a complete view of a client's financial standing. We've been very happy with it."

As a busy lawyer, Greening has especially appreciated the flexibility and freedom that come with a cloud-based solution. "I can be at the airport and pull up MyCase on my iPad," he pointed out. "The accessibility and security is top notch."

Compelling Results that have made Greening a Loyal MyCase Customer

Three years since his firm deployed MyCase, Greening said the software has played an integral role in its success. "I tell everyone about it," he said. "There's nothing better out there."

Results include:

  • Enhanced client communication and positive relationships
  • Improved court date attendance
  • Increased productivity
  • Cost savings
  • Greater efficiency in accounts receivables and payables
  • Convenience and flexibility for both clients and staff

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