MyCase Case Study

Richman Law Firm

Like so many attorneys, AJ Richman was drawn to the law because of the allure of a courtroom. When he first started out in law, he was a felony prosecutor and senior misdemeanor prosecutor in various parts of Georgia. In July 2013, AJ decided to set up his own practice. As his own boss, AJ decides what cases to accept and what technology to use, loving the freedom and financial independence that come with having his own practice.

Launching a Solo Practice with MyCase

As a government attorney, AJ had access to the most basic technology but knew there was more available to him. A mere four months after launching his solo venture, AJ started using MyCase after learning about it from a colleague. Before deciding upon MyCase, AJ sampled some competitors and was unimpressed. When asked what he enjoys most about MyCase, AJ's face lights up as he relays anecdotes about using MyCase in the courtroom. On many different occasions, he's accessed case-related information with ease using his smartphone and tablet. When he arrives in court, he simply pulls up the case and is able to access documents, emails and more. "It's a lifesaver to be able to instantly access files without any problems," says AJ.

AJ's clients like the modern feel and amenities offered through MyCase, more frequently choosing to communicate with him using the secure online messaging feature as opposed to traditional email or speaking on the phone.

Using MyCase to Stay Ahead of the Competition

MyCase gives AJ a competitive edge too. His clients refer others to him because of his technological capabilities, the transparency, and the ease of the relationship compared to other attorneys in Georgia not using paperless systems or technology. "Clients especially like making online bill payments because MyCase makes it so easy. Many of my clients have payment plans and MyCase will automatically bill according to the plan. My clients can always see their balance and their case file. MyCase’s client portal builds trust and keeps everyone informed about the case."

When it comes to sending invoices, AJ reports that he spends 30 to 40 percent less time on billing, since MyCase has streamlined the process and drastically increased his billing efficiency. "With time entry, MyCase also does all the math. You don't have to do anything else. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you’re done!”

Going as Paperless as Possible

While AJ's office is not completely paperless--it could be. However, he still maintains a paper file in case he's in a rural county without WiFi access in the courtroom. But as long as the courthouse has WiFi access, AJ usually takes an iPad up to the bench, instead of a paper file. According to AJ, MyCase simplifies his practice. "Other systems are more expensive and not nearly as easy to use. With MyCase, I save time and money. MyCase makes everything easier!”

Results include:

  • More efficient billing and time tracking
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Instant access to files

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