MyCase | Time Miner Integration

Streamline the Process of Capturing Billable Mobile Time

Integrate MyCase with Time Miner to streamline the process of capturing billable mobile time, so you’re not leaving money on the table. Time Miner automatically scans smartphone bills for calls and texts related to cases and syncs those activities/time entries to MyCase.


Maximize your billable time with MyCase and Time Miner

Maximize billable hours

Time Miner automatically analyzes call and text history, identifying billable interactions without manual input.

  • Ensure all billable hours are accounted for, reducing the risk of missed revenue opportunities
  • Gain insights into your firm’s time management and billing practices with robust reporting and analytics
MyCase legal billing software feature: add time entries to cases

Efficient, Accurate Billing

With MyCase and Time Miner your firm can ensure efficient billing practices, improving your client experience, and increasing your profitability.

  • Generate detailed billing entries, including call duration, contact details, and timestamps
  • Create personalized invoices with multiple ways to collect payments
Keep track of outstanding bills with legal accounting software

What Is Time Miner?

Time Miner is a retroactive time-tracking and billing automation tool designed specifically for legal professionals. It streamlines the process of capturing billable mobile time by analyzing smartphone call and text history, making it easier for lawyers to track all time spent on a case and bill for their time accurately. Firms are also able to customize their base billing rates for each communication type, such as 0.1 billable hours per email or text message, to automate the calculation of billable time entries.