MyCase | Integration

Win More Business with Virtual Receptionists

Calls come in, but you’re not always available to answer them. can capture and screen callers, book appointments, and log call details.


Integrate virtual receptionist service with MyCase case management

Accelerate Your Growth with Live Agents 24/7 receptionists can also make outreach calls on your behalf, improving your response time for online leads who complete web forms, send website chats, or reach out via text message or social channels.

“I love the new integration between and MyCase. Having our calls seamlessly integrated into MyCase allows me to delegate those calls to my team within MyCase and ensure that we’re following up on new leads quickly.”

Kevin Feeney, Feeney & Gurwitz

Increase client leads over time with MyCase
MyCase client portal feature: contact information

Sync Messaging with MyCase

Call details and new lead opportunities captured by sync back to MyCase, keeping all lead details and client communication in one convenient place.

MyCase client communication software feature: new communications updates

What Is is a 24/7 virtual receptionist service that screens callers, gathers client information, and logs client details. offers bilingual services, and also offers services for live agent chats, texting, outreach campaigns, and more.