MyCase | LEX Reception Integration

Never Miss a Call

Integrate MyCase with LEX Reception and let their legally-trained receptionists screen callers and gather crucial information so your firm can focus on billable work. All information gathered by receptionists is logged in MyCase, to keep all client communication in one place.


Integrate LEX Reception with MyCase case management

Bilingual 24/7 Legal Reception

Deliver personal service with LEX receptionists who can field all calls, in English or Spanish. Clients can reach out 24/7/365 and speak to a live professional.

  • 24/7 legal receptionist availability
  • Outsource logging case and client information collected via phone call
MyCase legal case management: case information feature
MyCase client portal feature: contact information

Access Call Logs Within MyCase

Call information gathered by LEX receptionists will sync back to MyCase so your team can follow-up quickly, increasing lead conversions and improving client satisfaction.

Sync client call, text, and email logs with MyCase

What Is LEX Reception?

LEX Reception is a 24/7 legal receptionist service that screens callers, gathers client information, and logs client details. LEX Reception offers both Spanish and English services. This all allows for faster lead response time, automated feedback-tracking, elimination of data-entry, and streamlined workflows.