MyCase | Legalboards Integration

Visualize Your Case Management and Automate Task Workflows

Sync data between MyCase and Legalboards so your firm can keep track of all legal matters. With MyCase and Legalboards, your firm can automate workflows and track case progress with Legalboard’s Kanban project management tools.


Eliminate duplicate data entry

With this direct integration, your firm’s data will be automatically synced between MyCase and Legalboards so that you can automate workflows and track case progress without having to enter data in two places.

MyCase client portal feature: contact information
MyCase legal case management: case information feature

Manage your cases with ease

Combine MyCase’s powerful case management platform with Legalboard’s Kanban-style views and automated task management to amplify firm efficiency and organization.

  • View matters, tasks and processes in Kanban view
  • Automate email updates, reminders, and other client communication
  • Trigger workflows by time, task movement or completion, and more
MyCase client communication software feature: new communications updates

What Is Legalboards?

Legalboards is Kanban style matter management software that allows law firms to visualize and organize their matters using matter boards. The Kanban methodology takes a visual approach to project management that many people find intuitive and appealing. Legalboards also has powerful tools that help lawyers automate workflows, streamline billing activities, manage deadlines, and communicate with clients.