MyCase | Intaker Integration

Marketing Automation that Builds Trust

Use Intaker’s cutting-edge marketing technology to automate client intake, follow ups, and lead management. Stand out by showing empathy and establishing rapport with Intaker’s interactive website video chat to answer questions, qualify leads, and win more clients


Integrate Intaker customer communication platform with MyCase case management

Automate Lead Capture and Qualification

Maximize lead capture by accommodating a range of preferred communication styles. Be the first to contact a lead with a virtual inbox that notifies you and your team instantly of text messages, chat leads, and other activities.

  • Keep prospective clients engaged with Intaker and MyCase’s communication tools
  • Track lead progress to capitalize on all law firm leads
  • Streamline legal client intake
Track your law firm’s lead status with MyCase

Sync lead information with MyCase

Leads captured by Intaker and transcripts of any web chats sync back to MyCase, keeping all client communication in one convenient place.

Increase client leads over time with MyCase
MyCase lead management feature: lead insights

What Is Intaker?

Intaker is a law firm marketing automation solution that helps law firms stand out in their market, with a particular focus on empathy, speed of response, and scale. Intaker also has powerful tools to help you communicate with, and intake, prospective clients, including; website video chat, two-way texting, follow up automation, and client intake automation tools.