MyCase | Hona Integration

Keep your legal clients in the know with automated updates

Milestones is now Hona: Hona offers innovative client-updating software purpose-built for law firms. Integrated directly with MyCase, Hona allows you to automate client updates, educate on case progression, send mass messages, auto-request reviews, and more. Set your law firm apart by offering a truly engaging client experience.


Optimize your client’s experience

Give your legal clients all the information they need through automated text messages, enhancing the client experience while reducing the volume of live client contact.

  • Send clients automated updates to case stages
  • Send educational information via video and FAQs
  • Send mass text messages to notify clients of office/holiday hours, and prompt happy clients to leave reviews
MyCase client communication software feature: new communications updates
MyCase text messaging feature: centralized text inbox for your entire law firm staff

Sync messages, contacts, and documents between platforms

With this direct integration, MyCase and Hona will sync messages, contacts, and document data to keep your firm’s information up to date.

Keep case documents organized in one place with MyCase legal document management
Generate contact reports in your law firm CRM to segment client groups.

What Is Hona?

Hona automates sending custom text messages to clients for status updates, with the option to add video and FAQs to help educate clients as their cases progress, keeping them informed while reducing client calls, emails, and overall firm communication. Firms can also send mass text messages to notify clients of office/holiday hours, prompt happy clients to leave reviews, and send client updates based on time that has elapsed.