MyCase | CallRail Integration

Harness the Power of AI + Call Analytics

Integrate MyCase with CallRail’s call tracking platform to get the insights you need to optimize your marketing spend by pinpointing the ads, keywords, and offers that sparked your best clients to call and convert.


Get More of Your Best Clients

CallRail automatically transcribes calls and identifies trends in prospect conversations, capturing questions and keywords to help you market more effectively.

  • AI-generated call summaries so firms don’t have to listen to long recordings
  • Leads, lead source data, and call recordings automatically sync to MyCase
Increase client leads over time with MyCase
Sync client call, text, and email logs with MyCase

Optimize Firm Marketing Spend

MyCase and CallRail can help you determine your best marketing channels, and which leads will convert to your best clients.

  • Robust attribution reporting for lead sources
  • Analyze which marketing tactics bring in your best clients
Track lead stages with the best crm for lawyers.

What Is CallRail?

CallRail is a marketing analytics platform for call tracking that helps lawyers measure, analyze and prove the ROI of call-based marketing campaigns. CallRail pinpoints the ads, keywords, and offers that sparked their best clients to call and convert, and allows firms to track and analyze any lead source from bus wraps to online ads.