QuickBooks Accounting for Lawyers Made Easy with MyCase


If you are using QuickBooks Online for your law firm accounting, the MyCase QuickBooks Integration feature makes it easier than ever to keep your books up to date.

Offering the most robust integration in the legal practice management industry, MyCase's QuickBooks Integration provides a simple one-way sync of your accounting data into QuickBooks Online. This saves you time and increases consistency across your accounting by eliminating uploads, downloads, and duplicate entries. And best of all, you get future updates, training and MyCase's award-winning U.S. based support team at no extra cost.

Simple Setup

MyCase's Quickbooks Online Integration is now self-setup! What used to cost $99 and require a 1-hour implementation call with MyCase now takes less than five minutes and is completely free. All you need to do is input your QuickBooks credentials, and select the accounts which you want synced in QuickBooks.

Detailed Syncing of Legal Time and Expense Entries

MyCase's updated QuickBooks Integration now carries over detailed time and expense information line-by-line to QuickBooks. This allows firms greater flexibility in their reporting, and allows you to see all details of an invoice in QuickBooks. An added benefit is that accountants, who wouldn't usually have access to MyCase, can view this detailed data in QuickBooks directly.

Syncing of Trust and General (Non-trust) Retainers

In addition to syncing Trust Retainers to QuickBooks, MyCase's QuickBooks integration also includes syncing of General Retainers directly into a firm's Operating Account. We've also given the ability to deposit into or withdraw from as well as make payments on invoices from Trust or General Retainers.

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