Legal Practice Time Tracking & Billing Software

Legal billing & time tracking software is essential to today's modern, on-the-go attorney. Online legal time & billing software solves this critical need.

The ability to track time in MyCase and bill on the go using your mobile device means you'll never lose track of billable time again! Simply enter your billable hours no matter where you are and it's automatically linked to the appropriate matter. MyCase's legal billing software features make it that easy.

Track Time And Expenses Right In MyCase

No more lost billable hours with MyCase's legal billing software designed for busy attorneys! Enter time spent at court appearances as soon as you leave the courtroom. And if you run into opposing counsel on another case in the hallway, you can immediately enter that billable time using your mobile device. MyCase also includes features that automatically track your time using timers and default billing rates. Stop wasting time trying to reconstruct your day from memory. Now you can quickly and accurately bill time as you go and then generate and send invoices with the click of a button! MyCase can even be used to track non-billable entries to monitor the performance and efficiency of your firm's flat fee and pro bono cases.

While spending time wisely is of the utmost importance for any profession, effective time management is particularly important for lawyers. Any attorney who doesn't want to leave money on the table would be well advised to utilize time and billing software.

Accurate time tracking of billable hours and time spent working on legal tasks will help you set firm and realistic billable goals. These benefits are particularly helpful for small firms since a solo firm or a firm with 2 to 10 lawyers will require everyone to juggle multiple responsibilities. Billing software for small firms give employees the tool needed to make sure time is managed productively.

Time Tracking Helps Lawyers Prioritize What's Important

The first benefit of time tracking software is right in the name. It saves attorneys valuable time that is better spent on important legal tasks. Instead of taking out a pen and paper to calculate billable hours, time tracking makes those calculations for the law firm. This helps ensure that every attorney in the law firm is using their time wisely, all while billable hours are recorded accurately.

Firms that offer pro bono and/or flat fee cases may wish to monitor the efficiency of these forms of legal representation. With time tracking software, it is easy to discern how much time is spent on every daily activity. This clear snapshot of the law firm's daily activities help the firm reassess how time is allocated and spent each day.

Even the smallest of details that ordinarily slip through the cracks can be spotted and given the attention they deserve. A classic example of this is CLE credit. The ability to track time spent on the CLE will help a lawyer easily schedule and assess how many credits they need until the required hours are met to satisfy CLE criteria.

Marrying Time Tracking with Easier Legal Billing

One of the best benefits of time tracking software is that it also enhances the billing process. The best time tracking software also incorporates billing programs that automatically track time using the law firm's default billing rates. The firm ends each day with an accurate billing figure that can be generated into an invoice that is sent with the click of a button.

Billing software integrated with time tracking leads to professional invoices with accurate billing data that is easily customized as needed. Whether you want to add your firm's logo or create a custom payment schedule for your client, time tracking software with a quality billing program easily accommodates these needs.

In short, time tracking is not enough. Time tracking must be matched with effective legal billing software to provide the maximum benefits to a law firm. Billing is at the heart of a successful law firm, and taking the stress and confusion out of the billing process lets attorneys spend more time practicing law. Small firms that use QuickBooks will particularly enjoy the fact that top billing software solutions provide seamless account synchronization that makes it easy to integrate firm billing data into QuickBooks.

Lawyers on the Go Need Time Tracking and Billing That Is Always Ready

Time tracking and billing software is less valuable if it is only available within the walls of the law firm. In the 21st century, lawyers need a time tracking and billing solution that is always at the ready. A mobile app is the best way to turn this goal into a reality.

A mobile app helps ensure that attorneys have the tools needed to:

  • Reliably bill and track time on the go
  • Create billing entries, tasks, events and more via mobile device
  • Send messages to law firm employees and clients securely
  • Receive reminders about appointments and obligations

Even clients stand to gain from a 24/7 app since small firms are able to provide clients with relevant documents and case updates from an always accessible app. This, in turn, leads to more satisfied clients that can help a firm build its book of business and enhance its professional reputation.

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