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powerful legal spend management software

Introducing MyCase Smart Spend

The first spend management solution for law firms. Effortlessly pay, track, and manage firm and client expenses using a LawPay Visa credit card that integrates with the platform where you already work: MyCase.

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See where every dollar is spent in real time thanks to MyCase Smart Spend, the first spend management solution for law firms.

Take Charge of Your Firm’s Expenses with Spend Management for Law Firms

MyCase Smart Spend is the first spend management solution for law firms. Using the LawPay Visa credit card, firms pay for their expenses and track those purchases as they occur, store the corresponding receipts, and add any case-related expenses to client invoices, all right in MyCase.

Legal Spend Management Software FAQs

What is spend management?

Spend management encompasses the comprehensive oversight of a company’s financial activities and procurement processes. This includes everything from pre-approving expenses and implementing process controls, to reimbursing costs incurred.

Spend management offers a broad perspective on a company’s financial health by examining expenditures before and after they occur, in contrast to expense management, which primarily deals with the reimbursement of expenses after a purchase has been completed.

Why should my law firm use legal spend management software?

With MyCase Smart Spend, you can pay for and control what your firm spends with a credit card, and enjoy peace of mind that all expenses are accurately tracked.

Make purchases, set spend limits and controls, capture receipts, and get real-time insights into firm and reimbursable expenses with a LawPay Visa business credit that works seamlessly with MyCase. That’s the power of MyCase’s legal spend management system.

How do law firms benefit from a legal spend management solution

Gain Visibility Into All Firm Spending
Achieve complete oversight of your firm’s financial status with detailed legal spend analytics and monitor monthly expenditures in real-time.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table
Eliminate the risk of losing income due to untracked or unbilled client expenses. Monitor all staff purchases to ensure client-related expenses are accurately recorded and reimbursed.

Keep All Your Work in One Place
Directly add and manage expenses within MyCase, facilitating their inclusion in client invoices without the need to juggle multiple software applications or manual spreadsheets.

Streamline Your Bookkeeping
Leverage MyCase’s legal spend management software to categorize and monitor all firm expenses instantly, significantly reducing the time spent reviewing and sorting credit card statements for month-end closings or tax preparations.

Access Funds When Cash Flow is Tight
Maintain operational continuity during periods of unpredictable cash flow. Confidently make necessary purchases without waiting for outstanding invoices to be settled or funds to be deposited.

How do I sign up for MyCase Smart Spend?

MyCase customers can join the Beta waitlist. We will keep you up-to-date on our progress and give you first access to the product when it launches.