Legal Document Management

Stay organized and on top of your documents with MyCase's robust and easy-to-use legal document management and foldering features. There are no storage limitations - you can upload all of your firm's files! And, you can view your law firm's documents in MyCase no matter where you are, day or night.

Document Management Tools

Getting all of your documents into MyCase is easy. Just use the upload tool to save time and upload all of your legal documents at once. Then, you can create a library and choose the files you want to share with clients or other contacts. With just one click you'll have instantaneous access to all of your firm's documents, including pleadings, memos, file notes, legal research, court orders, and more. You will never have to call your office and ask your assistant to email an important file to you again - instead, you'll have every document right at your fingertips!

Plus, MyCase offers Folders as a way to manage your documents. With this functionality, you can easily:

  • Create an unlimited number of folders within each case
  • Move documents into any folder
  • Have access to both folders and tagging in one

With MyCase’s native document management tools, there are no third party integrations required, no security risks, or additional costs. You can do it all straight from your MyCase account!

NEXT FEATURE: Document Assembly 

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