Legal Document Assembly Made Easy:
Build Complex Documents With Ease

MyCase's legal document assembly feature enables your firm to collaborate faster with clients and colleagues, to produce more documents each day by skipping manual tasks and merging client and matter data, and to work more efficiently by easily creating complex legal documents tailored to your needs. Our software empowers attorneys to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently.


With our cloud-based word processor, simultaneously collaborate on the same file with colleagues and clients wherever they are, whether sitting across from you, next-door, or halfway around the world.


Quickly create legal documents from saved templates with a click of a button. Templates can be created in Word or using MyCase Draft.


Continually improve your firm's professionalism and sophistication. MyCase gives you access to custom fields for the creation of complex legal documents that are customized to your own firm.

"I do a lot of insurance defense, which means I often have to send a letter to the insured with my contact information. This [document assembly] used to take up a lot of time – but now because it's all automated, it takes three minutes, if that. Altogether, I save a ton of time and get so much more done."

Karen Jacques
Jacques Law

Get Your MyCase Toolkit for Easy Legal Document Assembly

As a solo attorney, you are probably spending a lot of time creating documents for your clients. And while you can take steps to cut down on paper and move towards a paperless law firm, the task of creating legal documents for your clients will never completely go away. But with legal practice management software like MyCase, you can make legal document assembly and creation so much more efficient.

By using the data and information from your cases and contacts in MyCase, creating legal document assembly takes minutes, not hours. To help solo attorneys with legal document assembly (and more) we created the Legal Practice Management Toolkit, which includes PDF forms and documents templates to help you get up and running even faster with your legal document assembly. Our MS Word Templates with MyCase Merge Fields enable you to create legal documents like Client Engagement Letters, Client Welcome Letters, and Closing Letters with just a few clicks of the mouse. These templates are a great base for you to build and customize more forms that are right for you and your firm.

MyCase Toolkit

After using MyCase to automate your legal document assembly, you'll never go back to the old way of manually creating common legal documents. Download your Legal Practice Management Toolkit for free now!

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