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A smart phone which has a grey arrow connecting a file folder, bar chart, magnifying glass, documents, and smart phone icons.
A smart phone which has a grey arrow connecting a file folder, bar chart, magnifying glass, documents, and smart phone icons.

Automate your firm's processes

Do you find yourself creating the same tasks and events every time you start a new case? Streamline your law firm's standard practices -- tasks, events or deadlines -- with MyCase legal workflow automation software. You can create a workflow for case milestones that instantly generates tasks and deadlines based on a unique date calculation. Calendar your legal cases with one click to ensure you never miss an important court deadline or task.

Customize legal workflows for the case types your law firm handles

Not every case type is the same, nor do all law firms use the same processes. With MyCase, you can create workflows tailored to each of your law firm’s practice areas, unique to the type of case you're working on. So whether you want to streamline your client intake process or templatize important dates that relate to specific trials, MyCase legal workflow software is the perfect tool to help you simplify your day-to-day case tasks.

Setting up workflows with a designated trigger date and trigger deadline ensures that tasks are assigned and completed by the right staff member at the right time. MyCase helps us stay on top of everything, which plays heavily into our increased client satisfaction. Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office Chtd

Michael Burton

McFarling Law Group


How does legal workflow software work?

With legal workflow software you can create workflows that keep track of case milestones, and instantly generate tasks and deadline reminders based on a unique date calculation.

What are some examples of how legal workflow automations help law firms?

With legal workflow automation you can stay on top of your case deadlines and court dates more efficiently. With legal workflow automation software, you can create workflows for unique case types and apply them to your cases when they begin. Based on your preferences, the workflow tool will then automatically set up tasks and deadline reminders for that case.

Is workflow software appropriate for small law firms to use?

Workflow software is appropriate for law firms of all sizes. Every case comes with deadlines, court dates, and other events that workflow software can help manage.

How much do MyCase legal workflow automation software features cost?

MyCase’s legal workflow automation software features are included in the MyCase subscription price: $49 per user/month (billed annually) or $59 per user/month (billed monthly).

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