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A pie chart, bar graph, and segmented arrow icons.
A pie chart, bar graph, and segmented arrow icons.

Case Status at a Glance

MyCase eliminates any blind spots in your case progress by providing a comprehensive dashboard detailing the history, progress, and most recent status for all of your firm's cases. This enables your firm to regularly review cases, take action, and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Key features:

  • Cases By Stage Report
  • Average Duration Spent In Each Case Stage Report
  • Case Status Dashboard

Caseload Tracking

MyCase makes it easy to track the number of cases your firm has opened and closed in a particular month, giving you better optics into your firm's output over time. Get a historical view of the growth of your caseload month over month to see how your firm's performance lines up with your business goals.

Key features:

  • Cases Over Time Report

Real-Time Insight into Case Revenue

Get a live snapshot of Amount Billed versus Amount Collected for cases across any date range. Whether your firm bills hourly or offers a flat rate, the Case Revenue Report in MyCase factors in expenses, rates, and time entries to provide a clear picture of your firm's financial performance.

Key features:

  • Case Revenue Report
We keep track of everyone's work in MyCase. It allows us to have a high level of oversight and a clear record of exactly what happened during a case. Joy Davis, White Davis & White

Joy Davis

White Davis & White

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