Legal Calendaring Software For Law Firms

Stay Current on All Case Events and Deadlines

MyCase legal calendaring software lets you manage your firm's case, staff, and client events with ease.

Smart phone displaying homescreen with overlapping popouts of a calendar & 2 scheduled tasks.
Smart phone displaying homescreen with overlapping popouts of a calendar & 2 scheduled tasks.

Your case calendar at a glance

MyCase helps you keep track of what’s happening in your cases on one handy, central calendar so nothing slips through the cracks. Create and link calendar events to specific cases and share them with select users and/or clients. So whether it’s an upcoming court date or deposition, the MyCase legal calendaring software ensures you’re always prepared.

Key features:

  • Automatic deadline and event reminders
  • Event reminders via text message
  • Events sorting by status, case or type
  • Private firm calendar per user

Synchronize calendars with your legal team & clients

Managing an organized law firm is challenging without visibility into your staff’s schedule. MyCase gives you a roll-up of all firm-wide appointments, deadlines, and staff meetings on one central calendar so you can coordinate your efforts and see when others in your firm are available. Any time you create a calendar event, new or recurring, MyCase notifies all invited parties for you, saving you time and hassle.

Key features:

  • Shared firm calendar
  • Event sharing and invites
  • Custom color coding by staff member

Integrate with your Google Calendar or Microsoft account

Seamlessly view your legal calendar events whether you're looking at your Google or Outlook calendar — either of which can be integrated with your MyCase central calendar. From there, anytime you create a new event, the entry is logged in both calendars. And any changes to your calendar in MyCase will reflect in Outlook or Google Calendar and vice versa so you never need to update your schedule in more than one place.

Key features:

  • Two-way calendar sync
  • Simple five-minute setup

Keep tabs on all court case deadlines and events

With MyCase legal calendaring software you never have to worry about missing court dates or deadlines for your open cases. Simply create and monitor court dates, deadlines, and Statue of Limitations dates in your firm’s central calendar to see which cases require your immediate attention. MyCase also offers an integration with CalendarRules which allows you to easily create calendar events for your court rules based deadlines.

Key features:

  • CalendarRules Integration
  • Statute of Limitations Tracking
We use the calendar in MyCase to make sure every court appearance is covered for the next day. Oversight into everyone’s calendar helps us manage the entirety of our staff and their time. Varghese Summersett PLLC

Benson Varghese

Varghese Summersett PLLC


What is legal calendaring software?

Legal calendaring software can be used to track court rules and deadlines. After setting up MyCase’s calendar integration, these events can be added to your calendar so that you can be notified of these important events within your account.

Why do attorneys need calendar software?

The life of an attorney is filled with deadlines and important appointments. Efficient and reliable attorney calendaring software is needed so that attorneys can keep track of these important events.

How much does MyCase legal calendaring software cost?

MyCase’s legal calendaring software comes at no additional cost. This feature is included in the normal subscription price of MyCase: $49 per user/month (billed annually) or $59 per user/month (billed monthly).

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