Capture Every Billable Minute

Quick and accurate time tracking to ensure you never have to worry about reconstructing billable time from memory.

Calendar event for a billable legal meeting; a pie chart & 3 text boxes depict details about it.
Calendar event for a billable legal meeting; a pie chart & 3 text boxes depict details about it.

Multitask without losing track

Easily keep track of the work you do by recording your time as you go. Pause and restart up to three different timers for your daily activities as you jump between cases or when interruptions arise. Also track non-billable entries to monitor the performance and efficiency of your firm's flat fee and pro bono cases.

Key features:

  • Multiple timers to track billable tasks on the fly
  • Manual time entries post-task or event
  • Billable and non-billable expense tracking

Capture more billable hours with Smart Time Finder

Smart Time Finder passively tracks your activity in MyCase for commonly billable actions that are missing a time entry. Smart Time Finder summarizes these actions for your review and makes it simple to add a time entry. By preventing commonly forgotten time entries from slipping through the cracks, attorneys can more easily meet billing targets, allowing firms to maximize case profitability and firm efficiency.

Key features:

  • Billable activities log
  • Embedded activity timers

Track time at the office or on-the-go

Your billable time isn’t limited to routine tasks around the office. The MyCase mobile app is the perfect portable time tracking tool so that no matter where you are — in the office, in court, or in transit — you can be confident that you’re paid for the work you’re doing.

Key features:

  • Time tracking via desktop
  • Time tracking via iOS and Android mobile app

Link time entries directly to your cases

Never worry about pulling numbers from memory or figuring out which of your many time entries link to any particular case. MyCase connects time entries to your cases automatically, consolidating your billed hours seamlessly into your invoices to ensure your clients are billed the right amount every time without any extra manual work on your end.

Key features:

  • Automatic time entry reconciliation
  • Batch invoice creation with tracked time

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