Effortless Legal Payment Collection for Law Firms

MyCase Payments streamlines law firm payment processing, helping attorneys collect more fees faster while providing a convenient, modern client experience.

A payment card, and a smart phone displaying the MyCase scheduling feature.
A payment card, and a smart phone displaying the MyCase scheduling feature.

Give clients convenient options with Credit Cards and eCheck (ACH)

MyCase Payments allows your clients to pay in the method that is most convenient for them. Your firm can collect legal payments in your office, over the phone, and online via Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX) or eCheck (ACH). Clients don't even need a login to make a secure, simple, and fast payment.

Key features:

  • Simple, secure client payment experience
  • Electronic payment requests - no invoice required
  • Free eCheck processing for you and your clients

Keep client accounts up-to-date automatically

When your clients pay via MyCase Payments, their payment is immediately reconciled with their account. This means you don't have to go through the hassle of receiving a payment, then recording it in MyCase — it's completed automatically, reducing the effort required to keep accounts up to date.

Key features:

  • Invoices auto-marked as paid or partially paid
  • Automatic trust account updates
  • Client payments auto-synced with QuickBooks

Reduce administrative overhead with automated payment plans

Automated Payment Plans provide a hassle-free way for clients to pay balances over time. In just a few steps, you can create a customized payment plan with automatic monthly reminders for your client. When an automatic legal payment is completed, it is automatically recorded on invoices within MyCase, saving you valuable time each month.

Key features:

  • Quick payment plan setup on invoices
  • Automatic monthly reminders
  • Easy editing on payment plan dates and amounts

Maintain ethically compliant accounting

MyCase understands the importance of trust accounting compliance and an attorney's ethical obligations when it comes to handling client funds. Credit card fees are only deducted from operating accounts to ensure trust account balances remain accurate throughout the lifetime of a matter. And to ensure there are no surprises, eCheck and credit card payment activity details are available in the Payments Report, which can be printed for your records.

Key features:

  • Fees only debited from Operating Account
  • Detailed payment history
  • Transaction history reports by date range or case
Our collectability used to be around 60%. Now, with MyCase payment processing it can be as high as 80 to 85%. A headshot of Michael Burton.

Michael Burton

McFarling Law Group


What is MyCase Payments?

MyCase Payments is a built-in payments platform that streamlines the online payment process for law firms. When your clients pay via MyCase Payments, the payment is automatically reconciled with their account, reducing the administrative work required to keep accounts current and eliminating the need for multiple solutions to complete your law firm invoicing and online payment processing.

I'm already using another online legal payment processing solution, why should I choose MyCase?

MyCase Payments is an integrated solution, so all of the tools you need to manage your firm live in one place with one login. Many of our customers switch to MyCase Payments simply because of our competitive pricing structure. In addition, most find significant value in the time savings, billing automation, and improved customer experience.

Can I set up MyCase Payments with multiple bank accounts?

Yes, we accept multiple accounts for law firms who prefer to maintain a clear separation of funds.

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