Easy Lead Management
for Law Firms

Track, manage, and convert more prospective clients into business for your law firm with MyCase lead management software features.

A smart phone which has a grey arrow connecting a file folder, bar chart, magnifying glass, documents, and smart phone icons.
A smart phone which has a grey arrow connecting a file folder, bar chart, magnifying glass, documents, and smart phone icons.

Keep track of what's happening with your law firm's leads

The MyCase Lead Status Board allows you to track a lead from Prospect to Client - ensuring that no opportunities slip through the cracks. As leads advance from one stage to the next, every touchpoint is recorded for reference. Plus, staff can be assigned to-dos, reminders, and even consultation appointments.

Key features:

  • Lead Status Board
  • Staff To Do's per Lead
  • Customizable Stages

Fully understand your sales pipeline - end to end

MyCase gives you clear optics into your firm's top referral sources, your entire touchpoint history with your legal leads, and ultimately what's converting them into cases. Armed with this information, you're able to focus your efforts on promoting steady growth in your business over time.

Key features:

  • Analytics Dashboard

Convert more leads into paying clients and eliminate duplicate data entry

Grow you client base with ease, MyCase eliminates busy work by connecting lead, client and case information in a single solution. Sync your MyCase lead database with your Mailchimp account for effortless email campaigns. You can also integrate with Smith.ai 24/7 virtual receptionist service to answer every call and respond faster to new client opportunities. With customizable Intake Forms and unlimited eSignature, MyCase makes the process of collecting information and signatures from prospective clients simple and seamless from start to finish.

Key features:

  • Intake Forms
  • eSignature
  • Mailchimp Contact Sync
  • Smith.ai Integration

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MyCase's lead management features have been a
game-changer for our firm.
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Benson Varghese

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What is unique about MyCase Lead Management?

Lead Management software enables you to manage and track potential clients while offering insight into your top referral sources. MyCase combines lead management and case management into an all-in-one solution so all of your prospective clients can be seamlessly converted into cases — no third party integration or additional charges needed.

Does MyCase track consultation fees?

Yes, once you've collected a consultation fee from a lead — via an easily generated invoice in MyCase — you're able to view consultation fees by the assigned attorney.

Does MyCase have customizable intake forms?

Yes, MyCase allows you to build and customize multiple reusable intake form templates for each area of law that you practice. All data collected on your intake forms is saved automatically to MyCase and linked directly to a case and client or a potential case and lead. You can further automate the lead creation process by embedding a contact us form on your website.

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