Law Firm Data Security –
Protecting You, Your Clients, And Your Practice

Law firm data security is the biggest concern among lawyers when it comes to cloud computing, and rightly so. With attorneys held to high ethical standards, you simply cannot afford to be ignorant about how your law firm's data is managed. MyCase is committed to delivering bank-grade law firm security for our cloud-based case management software.

  • Physical Security

    MyCase runs on Amazon EC2 cloud servers. Amazon facilities are nondescript locations protected by military grade perimeters. Physical access is strictly controlled by two factor authentication and 24 hour security escorts.
  • State Of The Art Encryption

    With MyCase’s state-of-the-art law firm security, all sensitive information is encrypted before it’s written to disk. We use 128-bit SSL encryption for data transmission and 256-bit AES encryption when storing data.
  • Data Redundancy

    Your law firm's data is backed up using Amazon S3 storage, providing extremely high durability. We perform regular backups of the entire MyCase database and data integrity is validated on every individual update.
  • A Safe And Secure Hosting Platform

    MyCase is built on top of Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing platform (yes, the same Amazon that you use when shopping online). They’ve got over a decade of experience on running online servers and data centers, so you know you can trust them with Your law firm's data security.

Still Seeing Data Security as a Barrier to Moving to the Cloud?

If you still see law firm data security as a barrier to moving your law firm's practice to the cloud, with MyCase you can do so with peace of mind knowing we take cybersecurity even more seriously than you. But the truth is your law firm's information security concerns are much bigger than the practice management software you use.

According to American Bar Association’s 2014 Legal Technology Survey Report, 53% of lawyers report sharing confidential or privileged information with their clients using unencrypted email at least one or more times each day and 22% report sharing this type of information one to four times per week.

And considering your office has a higher chance of getting burglarized than a cybersecurity breach in the cloud, resisting technology and the power of the cloud today will just hinder your law firm's growth in the future.

MyCase's practice management software utilizes state of the art encryption and robust security measures, but as an attorney you also need to be aware of other areas of your business that could be much more vulnerable to attacks than someone trying to hack your data.

Simple Steps for Better Law Firm Security

By taking simple steps to protect your firm's data you will discover the ease of use and benefits of running a paperless office in the cloud with the help of legal practice management software far outweigh the potential security threats.

For example, setting up a passcode lock on your smartphone and computers will prevent easy access to files and contacts if you leave your device unattended. Avoid using outdated and unencrypted email to communicate with your clients and instead, utilize a secure portal where they can log in and access their case files.

Email is unencrypted and easily accessible by anyone interested in doing so; it's like sending a postcard written in pencil. And each email traverses multiple servers in many locations on the way to its end destination.

Giving your clients access to select case files & messages behind a client portal will cut down on phone tag and email inbox overflow in addition to protecting your law firm's data with encryption and confidential user passwords.

Instead of trying to manage your own IT, server and in-house tech support, MyCase provides unlimited storage, unlimited support, and peace of mind knowing your law firm's data is protected by the same level of data security used to protect and thousands of other leading companies. You should be focused on running your law firm and growing your business, not worrying about cybersecurity threats for attorneys.

A law firm data breach is something that could have a big impact on your business, which is why MyCase legal practice management software makes information security a priority by utilizing cybersecurity, data security & redundancy, and information security tools for all MyCase users and their clients.

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