MyCase's Client Communication Tools Provide You And Your Clients With 24/7 Access

MyCase client communication tools combine a unique set of communication features with a familiar interface to streamline client communications and help you build a successful and efficient practice. Each client logs into a private and secure portal where you can share calendars, documents, and billing details based on the permissions you set.

Direct Messaging- MyCase Client Communication Tools

Direct Messaging – Avoid Using Unsecure Email

Sensitive and privileged information no longer needs to be sent to a client's unsecure email address. You can send messages to your entire staff or all clients with one click right from MyCase and enjoy the way all correspondence gets organized and filed for you.

Commenting & Discussions - MyCase Client Communication Tools

Client Communication With Real-Time Notifications

Every item you upload into the MyCase client communication tools has a comment stream associated with it. You can easily make updates, leave comments and share these comment streams with your clients.

Private And Secure Portal For Clients - MyCase Client Communication Tools

Private And Secure Client Communication Portal - Available 24/7

A familiar concept from social networking sites, your clients can view the progress of their case or matter in real-time. Similar to secure online banking, your clients will have on-demand access to a fantastic resource for case information.

Real-Time Activity - MyCase Client Communication Tools

Real-Time Activity Streams Eliminate ‘Telephone Tag’

You can control exactly which activities you share and avoid the dreaded game of telephone tag or missed emails. MyCase client communication tools allow you to stay on top of developments at the office when you're in court or on the road.

Online Bill Pay - MyCase Client Communication Tools

Online Bill Pay

Use MyCase client communication tools as a Point-of-Sale system and accept credit cards in your office and/or over the phone and pay only your normal merchant processing fees.

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