MyCase vs. Practice Panther

  • Rated #1 – MyCase is the best rated Law Practice Management Software on Capterra compared to PracticePanther’s #4 rating.
  • Save Money – MyCase has fair, flexible pricing. With Practice Panther you’ll have to pay more to achieve similar functionality.
  • All-In-One Solution – MyCase includes everything a law firm needs in a single platform. With PracticePanther, you’ll need to buy multiple products from multiple vendors.

Practice Panther

Customer Ratings

Rated #1 on Capterra

MyCase ranks #1 in Capterra’s Top 20 Report for Law Practice Management Software.

Rated #4 on Capterra

PracticePanther falls behind in customer ratings, ranking #4 on Capterra.


Choose the plan that’s right for your firm

MyCase has flexible and transparent pricing starting at $39 per user/month(billed annually) – and you can update your subsciription at any time.

Higher Price, Lower Value

Essential features like intake forms, SMS alerts, UTBMS and LEDES billing are not included in PracticePanther’s bottom tiers. The highest tier includes these features, but it will cost you $89/month (almost 30% more than MyCase).

Customer Support

Award Winning Support for All

MyCase provides award winning, US-based support for all customers.

You can contact us via phone, chat or email. We also provide live training and a 24/7 knowledge center, no extra cost.

Basic vs. VIP

PracticePanther’s support level is dictated by how much you pay. At a lower tier, you’ll receive 1 live training session, DIY data migration, and “basic” support.

If you need more than a single training session, or would like more than basic support, you’ll need to upgrade and pay more.



MyCase is an all-in-one solution with all the features you need seamlessly built right into the software.

Numerous Integrations

To match MyCase’s native functionality, you’ll need to purchase and integrate additional software. Plus, if there is an issue, you have multiple subscriptions and systems to troubleshoot.

Payment Processing Fees

Simple Pricing

MyCase Payments have simple pricing with no hidden fees: consistent transactional fees and $0 ACH processing.

Charges on Every Transaction, Plus Hidden Fees

Beyond their stated pricing, you’ll find other fees that can add up month after month, like Card Brand Network fees.

On top of credit card fees, you’ll pay 1% on every eCheck processed.

“I’ve used PracticePanther and other case management systems, but MyCase is much better than anything else I’ve used by far.”
Amber Wood, Schroader Law