Provinziano & Associates

Beverly Hills, California

A Bit of Backstory

When Alphonse Provinziano opened the doors to his law practice in November 2008, he knew that providing responsive client service with a high level of personal attention would be the key to his firm’s success. His firm, Provinziano & Associates, which is based in Beverly Hills and serves adjoining counties in Southern California, focuses primarily on family law, personal injury, and criminal defense matters.

In Search of a Seamless Practice Management Experience

At first, the Provinziano firm used QuickBooks for accounting purposes, but according to Provinziano the platform was insufficient for their needs since it was “difficult to use and time consuming, due to the redundancy of duplicate entries and procedures.” He quickly realized that his firm needed to streamline its accounting processes and that the best way to accomplish this would be to take advantage of a full-featured law practice management software program. Doing so would eliminate unnecessary redundancies and provide a variety of time-saving features—but only if he could find the right software for his busy practice’s needs.

Their search began with a recent article published in a popular law practice magazine. In the article, the benefits of law practice management software programs were discussed, followed by a list of the best cloud-based law practice software systems. He and his team of legal professionals worked their way down the list, testing each software program until they reached the MyCase platform. Their search ended there when they quickly realized that “MyCase was the best legal practice software platform on the market.”

One of the key selling points for Provinziano was the MyCase QuickBooks integration. The seamless integration simplified the firm’s transition to MyCase and, in no time, the firm was managing its practice using MyCase, saving time and money in the process.

With MyCase, every family law form is in its place and is readily available to everyone involved in a case.– Attorney Al Provinziano

Managing A Thriving Family Law Practice Using MyCase

Provinziano’s firm is a busy one, handling hundreds of cases every year. That’s why MyCase’s robust document management and storage features were so appealing when testing software. The benefits gained by switching to MyCase and streamlining the firm’s processes were invaluable.

As Provinziano explains, the efficiencies gained from MyCase’s modernized document management system and file organization capabilities were worth their weight in gold for his firm’s thriving family law practice: “Family law involves a vast amount of forms that need to be easily accessible to all parties. With MyCase, every family law form is in its place and is readily available to everyone involved in a case.” The Result? Streamlined collaboration and a more efficient, organized practice.

Another benefit of switching to MyCase was the increased mobility. Because the firm has eight different offices and its team often appears in courts located across Southern California, 24/7 access to case files has made all the difference. The increased flexibility and mobility offered by MyCase allows Provinziano to “practice virtually anywhere in the world since I can access all of our firm’s documents and case files in the cloud.”

Saving Money in the Cloud

Not only does MyCase save Provinziano’s firm time, it saves money. Compared to the competition, Provinziano found that the affordability of MyCase was hard to beat. But it’s not just the upfront costs that save the firm money.

As he explains, by collaborating and communicating with clients using the secure online portal and streamlining the firm’s processes, his firm has significantly reduced administrative costs and is now able to provide better, more personalized client service: “Because of MyCase, my firm operates at a greater efficiency, especially when it comes to administrative procedures. This increased efficiency and online collaboration allows us to reduce the overhead costs associated with additional administrative staff.”

Increased efficiency and online collaboration allows us to reduce the overhead costs associated with additional administrative staff.– Attorney Al Provinziano

Another cost-saver is MyCase’s built-in time tracking features. Whether in the office or on the road, the partners can enter time from any Internet-enabled device using the MyCase mobile apps. The time recording feature makes it easy for the firm to accurately track and record billable time, even when managing such a large caseload.

The firm also saves money with MyCase’s robust billing features. Provinziano explains that the intuitive billing system facilities prompt payments from clients: “I can quickly generate personalized one-page invoices and send them immediately to my clients.”

Provinziano’s long term plans include growing Provinziano & Associates, with the end goal of reaching even more legal clients in need so that they can continue to “assist people during the most critical times of their lives and help them solve their problems, big and small.” Another goal as he grows his practice? To continue to share one of the secrets to his firm’s success with his colleagues: “I recommend MyCase case management software to every legal professional who crosses my path.”