Why Customers Prefer MyCase Payments

By: Nichole Naoum

While the move to online payments was intended as a temporary solution for some, it has officially become the new normal.

Legal consumers are accustomed to paying for goods and services online and expect law firms to offer online payment options. But according to a recent MyCase Industry Report, getting paid was a challenge for 73% of law firms.  

The good news is that MyCase Payments eliminates the pain and frustration of managing client payments. Your clients will also have more options when paying their legal bills. In fact, law firms typically increase collections by 46% with MyCase Payments.

Firms will also discover the time-saving benefits of MyCase Payments, which seamlessly integrates into your MyCase workflows and does the heavy liftinginvoicing, auto-reminders, case updates, and auto-reconciliation with QuickBooks.

On average, MyCase customers save 12 hours per month by eliminating administrative time. And since MyCase Payments is built specifically to meet the accounting compliance requirements of legal professionals, we enable multiple bank accounts, trust accounts, and retainers.

Ready to get paid faster with MyCase Payments? Let’s get started! 

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