Webinar Recap:
How To Use An iPad For Your Law Practice

In yesterday’s webinar,”How to Use an iPad For Your Law Practice,” Jeff Richardson, New Orleans attorney and well-known blogger at iPhone J.D., shared lots of great tips on using an iPad in your law practice. But before he got started, he explained that the way you use your iPad (or iPhone) can be a reflection on you and your law firm, showing your colleagues and clients the type of attorney that you are.

The good news is that most attorneys are already using mobile devices, including iPads, in their day-today practice. On the flip side, while many lawyers use iPads in their law firms, they may not be using them as efficiently, or effectively, as they could.

That’s where Jeff comes in. Very few lawyers know as much about using iPads in a law practice as he does. So if you weren’t able to attend yesterday’s webinar and you’d like to learn more about using an iPad to increase your efficiency and mobility, then you’re in for a treat. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax, and watch the recording of the webinar below to learn about:

  • Why you should use an iPad for your law practice
  • What kind of iPad you should use
  • How to write (or not write, hint: Siri) with an iPad
  • Keyboard and stylus options
  • How to work with documents
  • How to read and annotate PDFs
  • Password managers, VPN clients, and remote access
  • The top legal apps you should use.

And the best part about the webinar? As an attorney, Jeff offers great insight on how you can use your iPad to be a better lawyer, helping you to provide the best client representation possible. Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to check out past MyCase legal webinars here.

The $100 Apple gift card winner is Akilah Harris, Esq. Congrats Akilah!



(Webinar Video) How to Use An iPad For Your Law Practice


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