Webinar Recap:
Everything You Wanted to Know About Outsourcing

Want to grow your firm? Historically, you could charge more per hour or hire an associate. But what if there was another way? Technology facilitates access to high-quality legal expertise at a surprisingly reasonable cost. By using freelance and contract legal help, you can do more work, grow your firm, and help more clients. But, as is the case with everything for lawyers, it’s important to be mindful of the business and, of course, ethical implications of working with freelance attorneys.

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4:50 – The Gig Economy

There’s no debate that the legal sector is growing faster than ever, in part due to the gig economy. Here’s Why.

7:00- Why Outsource

With the help of technology, it’s easier than ever to connect with talented freelancers and grow your revenue.

9:58 – The Ethics of Outsourcing

Dan & Kristin break down the ethics issues, in great depth, that could arise in your outsourcing efforts and how outsourcing is permissible in a way that allows you to better serve your clients and your firm.

20:12 – Outsource This, Not That

Though you don’t want to outsource your bread and butter, tedious, routine work is a great place to start.

25:58 – To Whom to Outsource

There is no shortage of places to look when hunting for a freelance attorney. Here are the top 4.

39:38 – What Should I Pay an Outsourced Resource

Dan & Kristin reveal their unique formulas to employ when settling on compensation for freelance attorneys.

41:55 – 5 Quick Tips to Capitalize on the Gig Economy

How to set yourself up for success when hiring a freelance attorney for your law office.


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