A MyCase Practice:
Andrew Delaney, Vermont Litigation Lawyer

Andrew B. DelaneyIf you ask Andrew Delaney what makes a good lawyer, he’ll tell you that the best lawyers are people first, and lawyers second. Or, as he adeptly puts it:”Don’t be a lawyer – be a human being with legal training.”

Andrew is a partner with Martin & Associates, a general practice firm based in Central Vermont, and his practice focuses primarily on personal injury and criminal defense matters. It’s no surprise that part of Andrew’s practice involves defending people accused of wrongdoing. When Andrew was a child, he encountered some legal issues of his own, which is what motivated him to become a lawyer in the first place: “I decided I wanted to be a lawyer when I was 13 because I got into some trouble. I had a good lawyer who helped me, and after that, I decided I wanted to help innocent wrongly accused kids ‘when I grew up.'”

A client-centric law practice

According to Andrew, his firm is very client-focused, and always puts the client first. That’s why, as explained on his bio page on the firm website, “the firm’s mission…(is to) to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives and in society as a whole.”

Ensuring client satisfaction is important to Andrew and is the driving force behind his practice. He explains that client service is the key to happy clients and a successful firm: “We spend a lot of time with our clients and try to run a client-centric business. And MyCase plays a big part in that.”

The (obvious) move to MyCase

Andrew’s firm previously used premise-based law practice management software, but it was discontinued. So when it came time for him to research his legal practice management software options, he turned to a lawyer listserv that he belonged to. When the topic of choosing law practice management software came up, nearly all of his colleagues recommended MyCase.

Andrew explains that because so many other lawyers preferred MyCase, it was the obvious choice for his firm: “I’m a graduate of a trial lawyers college in Wyoming and there’s an alumni listserv. At some point, an attorney sent out an inquiry regarding the best law practice management programs, and overwhelmingly people with the same practice areas as me said MyCase is the way to go. So I figured I’d try it.”

The MyCase Client Portal = Happy Clients

According to Andrew, MyCase’s secure, easy-to-use client portal is a key part of ensuring that his clients are happy. In fact, it was one of the reasons he chose MyCase: “The client portal is a big selling point. It’s simple and intuitive. Being able to share things instantly with clients makes it better than any program out there.”

The client portal helps Andrew quickly and easily collaborate with his clients in a secure online environment. He loves it, and so do his clients. “It helps me communicate with clients instantly and securely and that’s the big advantage – that’s huge,” he says. “Clients love it. Clients are very happy with it. They like to log in and see what’s going on with their case.”

For Andrew, security is paramount and by using MyCase to collaborate with clients, he’s able to rest easy, knowing that his confidential communications are secure and protected: “One thing I like about MyCase is that clients can log in and see their case information. And most importantly, I know that their information is protected. My law firm’s data is secure and I’m very confident when using MyCase. And that makes all the difference.”

Not only does MyCase forward the firm’s client-centric focus and streamline the firm’s communications, it also helps Andrew stay on top of his busy practice. Whether it’s tracking his time or collaborating with other attorneys, MyCase helps him get the job done.

“I like being able to track my time in MyCase,” he explains. “I also upload documents and share them instantaneously with my co-counsel and clients. And being able to use MyCase to select who sees what information is key. I like being able to control what is shared and with whom, and MyCase makes that easy.”

Parting thoughts

When I asked Andrew to share one of his favorite quotes, he shared the one below from Clarence Darrow. Needless to say, it seemed quite fitting given the motivating factors that led him to a career where part of his daily focus is defending the constitutional rights of his clients:

You can only protect your liberties in this world by protecting the other man’s freedom.

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