Legal Practice Management Software Competitive Checklist

Chances are if you’re reading this,
you’ve probably already heard about legal practice management software.

But just because you’ve heard about practice management software, it doesn’t necessarily mean you know what company to trust, or what questions to ask when you’re ready to start using it. Every year, more and more software businesses seem to show up in the legal technology space, promising attorneys more efficient and streamlined ways to manage their practice.

Learn what questions to ask and what important criteria to consider when choosing a legal practice management software for your firm by running through this competitive checklist.

Data Migration

Change is the only law in life. So no matter how convinced you are that you’ve chosen the right case management software for your law firm, you’ll want to make sure it’s easy to get your data in (and out). Ask whether this product can import all of my existing data and how easy is the data migration process? How easy is it to get my firm’s data into the software? Am I able to export my data in an easily read format if I decide to change providers?

Accounting Integration

Does the law practice management software integrate and automatically sync with accounting software such as QuickBooks Online? What about supporting both trust and operating accounts? You’ll want billing and accounting features that save you time and automatically reconcile in your practice management software so you’re not stuck using multiple programs.

Paperless Office

Will the practice management software allow unlimited online storage of all firm documents and data? Will it support the elimination of paper invoices? Will it help reduce the need to mail letters to clients by facilitating secure online communication?

Credit Cards & Electronic Payments

Can I send invoices to my clients through the system? Invoice reminders? Can my clients securely pay their bills online? Having a built-in online payments service that is part of your practice management software will give your clients a convenient way to pay and keep your business as streamlined as possible.


Is this product reliable? Who is the provider, are they based in the United States, how long have they been around, and are they financially stable? Is my data secure and can I restrict users’ access to certain cases or files? You’ll want to get answers around permission settings, client access, and how the software protects your law firm’s data.

Easy to Use

Is it intuitive and easy to navigate? Can I quickly and easily search for all types of information?


How much training is included with my investment and are FAQs and on demand trainings offered? If I hire additional employees, will I have to pay for more training?

Support and Upgrades

What are the additional charges (if any) for ongoing product support? How often is the product updated? Are client services managers available by phone or email when I need help?

Websites and Client Portals

Is a law firm website included as an option with purchase? Can I have unique branding for my law firm? Can I provide my clients with an online portal for easy access to their case related information?


Is the pricing clear and transparent? Do I know exactly what I’m paying for?

Cost vs. Value

Try to calculate a quick return on investment and figure out how long it will take you to realize the savings that these solutions will offer.

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