Online vs. Traditional Billing: Which is Better for Your Firm?

By Nichole Naoum

In an era of digitalization, it’s no surprise that traditional billing methods are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

To run a successful legal practice, you need to have an effective billing solution in place. One that provides a straightforward way to track time and expenses, ensures that bills are timely, and offers a clear description of services.

Drawbacks of Traditional Billing Methods

These days, using outdated billing options or inefficient software could result in inaccurate bills, dissatisfied clients, and reduced cash flow. Paper-based billing, in particular, comes with several disadvantages, including:

  • Making firms more susceptible to fraud
  • Reconciliation that is more error-prone 
  • Difficulty in tracking incoming checks
  • No way to verify if a check is tied to an account with sufficient funds
  • Slowing down of payment cycle as it can take weeks for a check to clear

Benefits of Online Billing and Payments Processing

Luckily, the rewards of online billing vastly outnumber any risks or effort needed to get your firm up and running:

  • Improving the speed of payment and cash flow
  • Providing a convenient customer experience
  • Lowering risk as digital transactions are more secure than traditional ones
  • Both merchants and customers have easy access to payment-related information
  • Offering multiple online payment options that lead to faster payments

Making the Transition to MyCase

Your law firm is filled with intricacies and small details that must be handled with care to satisfy client expectations.

The average traditional billing software lacks the tools required to handle the needs of modern legal practice.

From time tracking to collecting payments and everything in between, MyCase provides comprehensive end-to-end billing that helps you capture more time, send invoices with ease, and make it simple for clients to pay bills. 

And because all billing features are built into MyCase, administrative work is eliminated, saving valuable time every month, year after year.

Ready to take your billing practices to the next level with MyCase? Let’s get started! 

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