MyCase Customer Spotlight: Zweban Law Group Saves 30 Minutes On Every Client Intake With MyCase

Our customers are at the heart of everything that we do at MyCase. That’s why we love to learn as much as we can about their law practices and how their firms use MyCase to save time and money. We also really enjoy sharing their stories and secrets of success with you whether in webinarscustomer testimonials, or on this blog.

Most recently we talked to Gene Zweban to learn about how and why his law firm, Zweban Law Group, a Florida-based personal injury and family law firm uses MyCase. In today’s post you’ll learn how Zweban Law Group uses MyCase to streamline its processes and and increase productivity.


To start off, can you first tell me a little bit about yourself?

I’m from Stuart, Florida, and that’s where our office is. I’ve lived here for 25 years or so and am originally from New Jersey. I went to university of Miami for law school, and then stayed in Florida and opened my practice in 2001. I’ve been practicing here ever since.

Sounds good, and a lot warmer than New Jersey! So let’s talk a little bit about your firm. What are your practice areas and how large is your firm?

We mainly handle personal injury and family law. We have two attorneys, two paralegals, a legal assistant, and a bookkeeper.

What would you say sets your firm apart from other firms?

I know a lot of firms say this, but we have a lot of personal contact with our clients. They can always reach one of us, and if they ever wanted to speak to a lawyer, we schedule that and give them updates regularly.

Ok now let’s talk about MyCase. Can you tell me how you went about choosing MyCase?

I’d used a different case management software for many years, but about two years ago, I really wanted to step it up. The old software was a server-based software, not cloud-based, and had a lot of limitations. So I started doing a lot of research and I demoed probably 12 to 15 different software programs to figure out which one was best for me. I ultimately decided on MyCase and one reason I decided on it was that it was cloud-based, which is what I wanted. Because here in Florida, we get a lot of hurricanes and we have a lot of power outages.

With our old software, if we didn’t have power at the office, we couldn’t even log into our server. So I really wanted cloud-based software that would do everything that we needed. We chose MyCase because it had pretty much everything that we were looking for. I wanted software that would keep track of potential cases coming in, convert them to clients, and then do everything we need to do with regard to them being a client, whether it’s keeping documents, or tracking emails, deadlines, calendaring, and all the other things that we typically do on a day-to-day basis for our clients.

And then, because we also handle family law, and not just personal injury, we need the ability to do billing and bulk billing is really where it’s at. MyCase has a great platform for bulk billing and keeps track of all the clients and potential needs as well.

So MyCase really helps you run your firm from start to the finish of a case. That’s great. So how would you say MyCase helps you run your firm more efficiently?

The intake features are incredible. We have custom intake forms that we made, so when a potential client calls, with literally with a couple of clicks we create an intake form that they can fill out. They fill it out and it populates right back to MyCase. And if we have a consult fee, another click, and they get a bill that they can pay right online with MyCase payments, which has been incredible.

Also with the e-signature forms, especially during the pandemic, we weren’t seeing people person. So we have all these intake forms that they need to sign to retain us. We have all of that set in the template that with a couple of clicks it gets sent to them. They electronically sign it, and it comes back to us. Before MyCase that process would have typically required us to probably spend at least a half an hour making documents and emailing them, having them print them and sign them and try to get them back to us. Some of them don’t have scanners or fax machines but with MyCase they don’t even need any of that. Instead, they can get all this information right on their phone where they can fill it out and it comes right back to us in minutes. It’s been incredible!

Speaking of efficiencies and time-saving features, how much would you say that MyCase saves your law firm in a given week compared to when you were using different software?

It’s hard to calculate, but just with the intake process alone, that’s almost a half an hour right there. The client portal has been a big time-saver as well.

Do you find that the invoicing and billing procedures also save time compared to the old school days when you used paper and sent bills in the mail?

Absolutely! MyCase even saves a significant amount of time over the old software that I used. MyCase is very intuitive and very easy to use.

So are there any favorite features you can’t live without that you haven’t mentioned yet?

Those are the primary ones. The intake process has just been incredible. That that’s the main thing, but there are many other features that we use on a daily basis that are invaluable as well.

How would you say that MyCase has changed your law practice and your firm?

Well, it’s definitely streamlined it. We’ve always had a lot of different procedures and they were difficult to follow using the software that we were using before MyCase. But MyCase makes it very easy. It’s definitely been a time-saver and it’s definitely streamlined our processes tremendously.

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So it helps you systemize your firm, which is super helpful. Next, have you recommended my case to other lawyers in the past?

I actually recommend it to a lot of people. You know, it’s hard to get people to switch what they’ve been using, but whenever they ask me, I definitely recommend MyCase because it’s helped my firm tremendously.

Last but not least – coming back to your firm: What do you hope to accomplish over the next five years? What are your goals?

Well, I want to grow my firm and I know that MyCase has definitely helped me do that because we can keep track of all of the different referral sources. We can also market to different people more easily using some of the reporting that MyCase offers. So I really want to grow it and streamline my practice and make it even more efficient than it is now.

Great to hear, and I’m excited that MyCase is going to be a part of that process!

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