MyCase + Lawbrokr Integration: Easily Qualify Your Leads and Refine Marketing Efforts

By Mary Elizabeth Hammond

In the legal profession, time is money. Spending valuable time marketing your firm should help you boost your cash flow, not the other way around. How can you ensure your marketing efforts are setting up your firm for success? That’s where the MyCase and Lawbrokr integration comes in.

The MyCase and Lawbrokr integration enables law firms to set up simple, embedded pre-screen workflows that qualify leads, provide valuable marketing insights, and save them from spending their time and efforts on unqualified prospects. 

What is Lawbrokr?

Lawbrokr is a platform that allows law firms to embed pre-screening workflows wherever potential clients might find them. Data from Lawbrokr also shows firms which leads are most likely to convert and which marketing efforts are yielding results. 

Law firms can create a unique Lawbrokr link and share it anywhere (such as websites, social media, directories, and so on) to track potential leads. In addition, within Lawbrokr, firms can create custom landing pages with target content specifically tailored to certain prospects to attract high-quality leads and boost conversation rates. 

Prescreening leads give legal professionals a sense of whether or not a prospective client is a good fit for the firm before they even schedule a consultation. Additionally, it can help legal professionals go into a consultation with valuable information about the prospective client. 

How Does the Integration Work?

The Lawbrokr and MyCase integration allows valuable lead and marketing data to be synced between the two platforms. Simply put, data collected from Lawbrokr workflows can trigger the creation of a new lead in MyCase—leads data fields will be automatically populated, and all Lawbrokr communications will be documented. 

This reduces the need for manual tasks which saves time and lessens the risk of corrupted or duplicated data. Additionally, law firms can easily remain organized with all communications recorded in one place. 

To learn more about how it works, refer to this video

The Top Benefits of Lawbrokr

1. Focus on high-quality leads

Stop wasting time on leads and marketing efforts that are going nowhere. With Lawbrokr and MyCase, prospects can sel-qualify and opt out. And firms can stop wasting time on dead-end consultations using effective pre-screening methods. 

2. Maximize your marketing efforts

With access to valuable marketing data and insights, firms can identify exactly what’s working and what’s not. Legal professionals can use this information to know exactly where to focus their efforts to ensure they are working on leads that actually convert. Ensure that your marketing efforts are directly impacting your bottom line, in a positive way. 

3. Save valuable time

Investing time in your marketing efforts shouldn’t be so time-consuming. Reduce manual, repetitive tasks—easily and automatically sync lead data from Lawbrokr to MyCase. Keep organized with all case details and marketing efforts recorded in a central, secure location. 

Make the Most of Your Law Firm Marketing

Focus your marketing on qualified leads and watch your firm grow. Benefit from this integration with MyCase and Lawbrokr and ensure that your firm’s marketing efforts are yielding the best results. 

Interested to see how Lawbrokr and MyCase can help your firm grow? Request a demo here. 

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