MyCase Customer Spotlight: The Sapochnick Law Firm

Our customers are at the heart of everything that we do at MyCase. That’s why we love to get to know them and share their stories and secrets of success with you whether in webinars, customer testimonials, or on this blog. That’s why in the weeks and months to come we’ll be interviewing our customers to learn about their practices and will then share their experiences with you on this blog. In this series you’ll learn how MyCase helps law firms grow and succeed while also enabling them to provide the best possible service to their clients.

In today’s you’ll learn all about attorney Jacob Sapochnick and his San Diego-based immigration law firm, the Sapochnick Law Firm. Jacob and his law firm have a really strong social media presence, so some of you may already familiar with him from his firm’s Facebook account, his Instagram account, or even his presence on Tik Tok (@sandiegoimmigrationlawyer). So without further ado, here’s what Jacob had to say about his firm, its success, and how MyCase has played a part in it.

Tell us a little about yourself and your firm.

I’m an immigration attorney and my firm is located in San Diego, California. We recently opened another office in Hartford, Connecticut. I’m originally from Israel and I moved here to go to law school. Then I got my law license, started my practice, and have practice immigration law since then. We help businesses and families with all their immigration needs, and because immigration law is federal, we can help clients in all 50 states.

I’m very passionate about technology and that’s why I started looking for a case management tool. I wanted to find something to help us streamline our law firm and MyCase was one of the first choices and we use that in combination with other tools and social media in order to grow our practice and help provide clients with immigration information.

What sets your firm apart from others?

For us it would be two things. The first is that we use social media to grow our practice and connect with clients. And the second is customer service. We’re known to have a really good customer service approach with clients. We call this the “enchanted way” where we are super helpful and go above and beyond for our clients. And we don’t do it just for marketing. We believe it helps our clients to be happier with you throughout the immigration process. And also at the end of the process they’ll give you good reviews and refer more clients to you.

Now let’s talk about MyCase. Why did you choose MyCase?

More than 10 years ago we used local servers and were looking for something comprehensive in the cloud that would give us one solution for data, contacts, billing and accounting and things like that. We looked at all the tools and I remember liking the simplicity of use and it was easy to get customer service feedback from the MyCase team. All the other tools that were out there at the time were too complex and MyCase had the right amount of features to help us grow our firm.

How has MyCase helped you run your practice more efficiently?

MyCase improves efficiency with the time-tracking tools that make it easy to see how much we’ve worked, and the fact that MyCase allow clients to log in and check information from the client portal. Also we have the ability to check emails using MyCase Email. So it helps a lot with organization. The biggest tool for us for efficiency is the notes that are attached to all the different matters so we can always go back to MyCase months later to see what happened with a case.

How much time does it save your firm each week?

It saves a lot of hours when you have everything in one place instead of lots of notes or data in an Excel database that can sometimes get deleted by mistake. It saves us in labor since before we had three people who had to handle a few tasks to track data and now we only have one person in charge of pulling the data since everything is so easy to access. This helps a lot in terms of reducing the cost of hiring people and saves time in terms of accessing data. It also enables people to do something else at the firm instead of tracking data.

How has MyCase changed your law practice and your firm?

For us it was one of the first tools we used to automate and track our practice. It helped get that mindset in the door and then get more automation in our office including tools to help with sales and time management. MyCase opened the door to the many possibilities of automating our practice and of adding more tools so that we could continue to automate our firm.

Have you recommended MyCase to other lawyers?

Yes, absolutely. Lawyers email me sometimes and ask what we use for case management. And MyCase is one of the tools we use and rely on so I always recommend it.

What do you hope to accomplish with your firm over the next 5 years?

We’re going to move to a combination of partly remote and partly in-office. Also we’ll use more automation tools and more videoconferencing. We also will use more outsourcing tools for admins and things like that to make it easier for our team to work remotely if they need it. So we plan to be in a hybrid firm with both a remote and physical office.

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