MyCase Customer Spotlight: MyCase Increases Client Satisfaction for Leuthner & Huether

Our customers are our top priority at MyCase. We love to learn about their practices and share their stories and secrets of success with you whether in webinarscustomer testimonials, or on this blog. That’s why we spend time getting to know our customers and learning about their law firms. Then we share their experiences with you on this blog in this Customer Spotlight series, where you learn how MyCase helps law firms grow and succeed while also enabling them to provide the best possible service to their clients.

In today’s post you’ll learn about attorney Chris Huether and his Minnesota-based immigration law firm, Huether & Luethner, Ltd. Chris and I talked about his firm, how and why the firm chose MyCase as its law practice management software, and how MyCase has played a part in the firm’s success.

Chris, welcome. I’m really looking forward to learning more about you and your law firm today, including how you use MyCase. To start, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Sure, I’ve been practicing for 14 years now. I grew up in North Dakota and went to college in Western Minnesota and had the opportunity to come back here for law school. I’ve been with my partner at the firm ever since I started practicing.

Let’s talk a little bit more about your firm. Can you tell me how big it is, where you’re located, and its practice areas?

We have three attorneys and four support staff. We’re based out of Alexandria, Minnesota, and we have an office in Morris, Minnesota, which is in the Western part of the state. We handle all sorts of work and focus a lot on family law, consumer bankruptcy, real estate, and estate planning. Being a smaller firm in a smaller town, we handle a little bit of everything.

What would you say sets your firm apart from other firms?

We try to be as responsive to our clients as we can, so that we’re available for our clients. We also check in on a regular basis to keep them informed with what’s going on.

I bet MyCase helps a lot with that. We’ll talk about that a bit later but first, how did your firm end up choosing MyCase?

We demoed other products and spent lot of time looking into different products, but ended up choosing MyCase. It was the fit best in terms of what we needed as a firm.

Ok, so what made you decide to use cloud-based software over premises-based software?

We’ve been mostly paperless for the last four or five years, so having access to everything in the cloud made a lot of sense for us. We tried some on-premise software and it didn’t give us the flexibility we wanted. It was really hard to access anything off site. So being able to pull up MyCase on a phone or laptop is really nice, and we don’t have to have a specific connection or be in a specific place to utilize it. So that really makes a difference for us.


Let’s talk about some of the other features that make a difference to your firm. First of all, how has MyCase helped you run your law practice more efficiently?

It starts with little things like when we schedule an appointment and then a notice automatically goes out to the client and they also get a text reminder. So much of that helps. So when my assistant doesn’t have to follow up on those things continually it really saves us time. We know that that information went out to the client, and we can see that they viewed it, which is really nice as well. Having all the information in one central spot for us to look so we don’t have to jump between four different programs to find what we’re looking for really also makes a difference from an efficiency standpoint.

If you’re able to quantify, how much time would you say that the features in My Case save your firm?

I know that the client portal alone saves incredible amounts of time versus emailing. And from a scheduling standpoint, it works a lot better for us in terms of being able to see everything together on the same calendar, versus having to jump around to different programs.

Are there any features that you find are your favorite ones or that you use the most often?

The client portal definitely. That’s certainly one of the reasons we actually went with MyCase because the client portal is so much easier to use than some other software. The clients like it better, and they have an easy time accessing it. That makes a huge difference for me when I’m collecting documents from people. I don’t like emailing and I often get tax documents and things like that all the time from people. So not having to worry about that from a security standpoint is huge. Knowing that I can track it, and my assistant can see it, is very helpful.

The other thing that we use a lot is the status updates. Being able to plug in two sentences about where we are in a case so that myself and the assistant can know at a glance – this is where this MyCase is really, really helpful.

That’s great! And would you say that using MyCase has changed your law practice or how your firm operates? And if so, how?

It certainly has. We’re able to be a lot more responsive to our clients and can send them stuff very quickly. Most of the things that we get by paper, like correspondence, we now just upload to the clients through the client portal. So it’s able to save us a lot of time and frankly, postage. We’re not sending stuff out to people, so that’s really nice. It’s definitely streamlined the way we operate and communicate with our clients.

My last question related to MyCase: Have you recommended MyCase to other attorneys?

It tends to be more through Facebook groups I’m on that involve attorneys. People are looking for practice management software, and I’ve definitely said: “Hey, we’ve been very happy with our experience. MyCase has worked very well for us, and here’s why.” So I do recommend it to other people.

That’s great, and we really do appreciate all of those recommendations! Ok last but not least – can you tell me what you hope to accomplish over the next five years? Any big goals?

We want to keep growing our firm. We’re a relatively small firm, and I don’t think we’re going to turn into anything gigantic overnight. But we want to keep serving the communities we’re in and being able to be responsive to larger communities. During the pandemic we’ve seen our ability to practice in a larger geographical area grow because we don’t have to physically travel to as many places. So we’ve had that ability to handle cases in areas where we didn’t before.

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