MyCase Customer Spotlight: Jett Law Saves Time Every Day With MyCase

At MyCase we love to learn about our customers. After all, they’re at the center of everything that we do. That’s why we take advantage of every opportunity to talk to them and understand their law practices and how MyCase helps them streamline their firm’s processes and grow. We also really enjoy sharing their stories and secrets of success with you whether in webinarscustomer testimonials, or on this blog.

Most recently we talked to Matt Jett to learn about his law practice and in today’s post you’ll learn how his St.Louis personal injury and DWI law firm, Jett Law, uses MyCase to save time when creating documents, communicating with clients, and much more.


To start, I’d like learn a little bit more about you and your law firm.

Sure. I grew up just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. I became a lawyer eight years ago now. I’m married and I’ve got two kids and another one on the way. When I’m not working at my firm, I enjoy spending time with my family and I also like to ride dirt bikes.

Congrats on the baby on the way! Now let’s talk a little bit about your law firm. Can you tell me where it’s located, how large it is, and your areas of practice?

Our firm is located in St. Louis. I started my firm back in 2016. Back then it was just me. We primarily practice personal injury and we also handle some DWI defense and traffic cases. In 2018 I hired my first staff person, a legal assistant, and then in February, I moved to a new location. We added another attorney and another staff person. So there’s four of us now.

That’s a lot of growth, which is great news! What would you say sets your firm apart from other firms?

So with respect to the injury representation that we do, our ability to stay on top of our cases and manage our caseload really sets us apart from other firms. At our firm we’re able to work together to maintain really good communication with our clients. I always know where we’re at with our cases so that we can keep them moving forward and keep gathering records. Having everything organized and in one place where we can identify any shortcomings a case might have or any challenges and meet those head on makes a big difference. That really does help us to stay out in front of the curve.

Thanks for sharing. Now let’s talk a little bit about MyCase. Can you explain how and why you chose MyCase for your firm?

So when I first started my firm back in 2016 I was looking for software that I could use to help me organize everything, and that would have as many features as possible in one place. That way I wouldn’t have to be switching back and forth between different types of calendars and messaging tools. When I first started out MyCase was a very affordable option that did basically everything that I would need all in one place. Some of the other software options that I was looking at either required a really big upfront cost to get started or some of the ones that weren’t as expensive would take a lot of time to build it out and customize things the way I wanted them to be. Whereas MyCase had everything in a template that was ready to go.

And what made you choose cloud-based software rather than premise-based?

For me at that time it was a financial issue. I don’t know what it would cost to have servers, and MyCase was a product that I could go out, look at, try it, and afford it.

And how would you say MyCase helps you run your practice more efficiently?

Pretty much everything that use MyCase for is to help our firm to be more efficient. We utilize the document automation quite a bit. About 90% of the documents that we send out on a regular basis we can create or generate through MyCase with a couple of clicks.

Another thing that we recently started to use is the e-signature feature, which has helped us to streamline our intake process. In the past a new client would call with an issue or with a potential case and we’d have to either schedule them to come into the office or I would go out to see them to get a new case contract and all those kinds of documents signed. Now we’re able to basically get a case set up over the phone, generate a contract with a couple of clicks, and then submit that to them while we’re on the phone with them for an electronic signature. So we’re able to get started on cases a lot quicker now than we could before.

I bet that came in really handy when COVID hit – to be able to have that in place already.

I was just going say we’ve changed a lot of things with COVID that I don’t think we’ll ever end up changing completely back. We will welcome people to come to the office whenever they would like, but it’s really nice to have options that work for everybody, so they don’t have to if they don’t want to.

Absolutely. So can you quantify how much certain features save your firm in terms of time and efficiency?

I would say it’s definitely difficult to imagine how much time we would lose if we weren’t using MyCase. Back before I had MyCase I was basically having to go to a document bank and then manually change all the names and case numbers and things like that – that alone probably saves hours every day.

Another thing is keeping everything on track with my calendar so I don’t have to go back and forth between different applications. I put it into MyCase and it’s right there and I can see it in several different spots and I don’t have to switch back and forth, so that saves a lot of time too.

What are some of your other favorite features that you can’t live without?

In the last six months that we’ve really taken advantage of text messaging. Through MyCase we have a phone number that’s assigned to our firm and from there we can communicate with clients. We use it for some clients that we would have trouble getting on the phone otherwise – and I definitely don’t want them texting my personal cell phone or my staff’s cell phone. That’s one feature that we all use quite a bit, and our clients really like it. My staff really likes it, too. It’s a nice way to be very responsive with our clients, but to also have our our privacy.

Have you recommended MyCase to other lawyers?

Yes I definitely recommend it to other lawyers, especially newer lawyers that are starting out kind of like where I was a few years ago. It’s really nice case management software because you can really encompass everything. You need to run an efficient practice, and I think at the end of the day that’s really where you can maximize your time that you’re spending either on your cases or things that can make the money: by using MyCase to keep everything organized and on track. And not even not just for newer lawyers but other lawyers that I see a struggle with trying to keep up with everything. I recommend it to lawyers like that as well so they can have everything organized and can focus on what they want to be doing, rather than all the backend stuff

We really appreciate you spreading the word about MyCase and being such a great evangelist! So thanks so much for that. And just one last question before we wrap up. What do you hope to accomplish with your firm over the next five years?

Honestly, I would really like to see my firm continue to be able to grow and take on more cases without losing the quality of what we do right now. Having individual attention on the cases – I don’t ever want to see that go away. But I would like to be able to continue to bring on more and more cases and possibly more staff as we continue to grow.

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