MyCase and Legalboards Integration: Visualize Your Case Management and Automate Task Workflows

By Mary Elizabeth Hammond

Managing a law firm requires overseeing several moving pieces—with everything from keeping on top of casework, to keeping clients informed, to managing your firm, and all that happens in between—it can be a lot. Fortunately, there are tools that can do much of the heavy lifting for you. Let’s talk task management solutions. 

MyCase is continuously striving to offer best-in-class technology to our users. Today, we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Legalboards—a matter management software, made for visual learners. 

What is Legalboards?

Legalboards is a Kanban-style matter management solution that enables law firms to easily visualize and organize their casework using boards. Legal professionals can create visual workflows and boards to view matters, tasks, and processes—and share them with their entire team. 

Additionally, Legalboards offers robust task management through powerful automation capabilities. This enables users to set up automated workflows and tasks that will be automatically completed based on predetermined triggers such as sending out email updates, checking in with clients, or creating to-do lists. 

To learn more about Legalboard automation, check out this page

How Does the Integration Work?

The MyCase and Legalboards integration makes it easy for users to launch Legalboards directly from MyCase—meaning data between the two platforms will automatically be synced. This reduces the risk of duplicate data entry and error, while saving your firm time spent on non-billable tasks. 

To get started with the integration, you’ll need to connect your Legalboards and MyCase accounts. Refer to the video at the bottom of this page for more information. 

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Top Benefits of Legalboards

1. Automate busy work and save time

Don’t let important but tedious administrative busywork fill up your day. Automate those tasks and focus on what you’re best at—practicing law and serving your clients. With Legalboard automation capabilities, you can:

  • Automate email sends: Set up automated email sends that are triggered by a certain time or action. This way you can easily keep clients and team members up to date on all matters and their progress without having to take any time out of your busy day. 
  • Create checklists: Increase efficiency and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks with automated task lists that can be shared across your team. 
2. Build better client relationships

No one likes to be left in the dark, but with all that goes into running a successful law firm, it can be easy to forget to reach out to a client. With automated client check-ins that include case details and timely information, clients will feel more valued. Even if there is no development in the case, you can set up automated check-ins to let them know you are still working on things and will keep them posted. 

3. Increase organization across your org

Create customized boards to reflect your workflow and automated checklists to organize your tasks. Add checklists and custom labels to Legalboard cards for easy navigation through matters. Additionally, you can automate task reminders to help keep every team member on track for upcoming deadlines. For example, if there is an inactive or delayed workflow on a board, you can set up emails to be sent to the lead attorney reminding them to check in on that matter.

4. Gain visibility into your firm’s inner workings

The Legalboards interface allows you to see at a glance the status of each matter without needing to open up each case file. Ensure your whole team knows where each case stands and what the next steps are. 

Create a More Visual and Organized Workflow Today 

With MyCase and Legalboards in your corner, you can create customized, visual boards that make it simple to see the progress of matters, ensure your team is on the same page, and keep clients happy. Interested to see how this integration can help you win? Demo MyCase today

If you’re already a MyCase user and interested in trying Legalboards, get started here.