MyCase and EsquireTek: Save Time With Automated Responses to Discovery Requests 

By Mary Elizabeth Hammond

Manually managing discovery requests is one of the more time-consuming and tedious aspects of litigation. Discovery can suck up hours of billable time that can be better spent elsewhere. 

With MyCase’s new integration with EsquireTek, there is now an automated solution. Litigators can use EsquireTek’s automation workflows and AI technology to respond to discovery requests and get the information they need from clients while keeping it all organized.  

What is EsquireTek?

EsquireTek is an automation tool built for legal professionals to streamline the process of responding to discovery requests. With EsquireTek, firms can automate the process and send web-based request forms to clients via text to get fast responses.

Utilizing AI and automation workflows, legal professionals can ensure nothing falls through the cracks while increasing client response times by 70% by: 

  • Automatically convert documents from PDF to Word
  • Creating web forms that can be sent to clients via text message 
  • Using client responses to auto-populate documents 
  • Automatically converting final documents to the file type of choice
  • Keeping track of unanswered requests

The Top Benefits of Using EsquireTek With MyCase

Automating your discovery process with EsquireTek AI and MyCase data comes with many benefits, including:

1. Save time 

Relying on automation to take care of discovery requests and using AI to manually convert documents will save you hours of time. No more wasting billable hours on time-consuming, repetitive tasks. With EsquireTek and MyCase, you can:

  • Insert objections with one-click
  • Convert documents from PDF to Word within 60 seconds 
  • Edit and approve responses before inserting them into final documents
  • Extract questions into a collaborative, web-based form

2. Reduce duplicate data entry and risk of error

Seamlessly and automatically sync MyCase document and case data with EsquireTek to eliminate duplicate data entry and greatly reduce the risk of error. This will not only save your firm massive amounts of time but also ensure your data accuracy, which can make all the difference when it comes to winning a case. 

It also ensures that all of your case details are well organized in one, easy-to-find place. 

3. Provide an enhanced client experience 

Using AI to handle discovery can also help you elevate your client experience. Text or email clients discovery forms and get responses up to 70% faster. You don’t want to sift through piles of paperwork or emails, and neither does your client. With EsquireTek, clients can complete the discovery process from their phones any time they want, in a matter of minutes. 

Start Automating Discovery Requests Today

Interested to see how automating discovery requests can help your firm save time, create more accurate data, and even win more cases?

Test out the EsquireTek and MyCase integration for yourself with a free MyCase 10-day trial.

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