Introducing the New MyCase

By Jim McGinnis

Today is an exciting day at MyCase. 

Since our inception in 2010, we’ve come a long way. From the company’s size to product offerings, we’ve grown in leaps and bounds. 

But when you experience rapid growth, some things inadvertently fall off the priority list. Brand management was one of them. However, we decided it was time to make some big changes.

Our new brand embodies the spirit of MyCasethe bold color palette reflects “we’re fun but serious about helping our customers” (no ‘Banker Blue’ here). Our contemporary fonts evoke a sense of adventureone that we’re on with you. And lastly, our beloved Mac finally retired. Our new logo depicts a wave of change, pointing to our modern and forward-thinking approach.

While I’m thrilled to share the new look, the journey to get here entailed more than developing a new design.



Our Approach

Being a leading case management provider for legal professionals, we felt it was critical to truly understand their needs to serve them better. This meant it was time to look to the experts.

We hired a team of social scientists from the University of Chicago to determine what lawyers are really looking for in practice management software.

After interviewing and surveying hundreds of lawyers (from firms across the country) about their experiences with different practice management software and tools, we got answers to the following:

  • Which features matter the most to them
  • What drives their purchase decisions
  • What software providers don’t understand about their business

What We Learned

Their findings challenged several of our assumptions about the legal profession. This, in turn, radically changed how we define our value as a legal technology company. Here’s the feedback we received:

1. Most tech companies sell features, but lawyers consider total costs and how intuitive a system is.

Technology companies love to broadcast the benefits of keeping up with legal technology. They discuss the importance of becoming a “modern lawyer,” running an “evolved practice,” and gaining the efficiencies of the latest software solutions. 

Meanwhile, legal professionals care about the total costs involved, i.e., the upfront investment of time, effort, and money to get up and running. 

Lawyers understand something few technology companies are willing to admitno piece of technology is a “time-saver” if it’s not intuitive and easy to use. 

2. Several tech companies attribute a lack of adoption and implementation to lawyers, while lawyers attribute it to the technology. 

Since technology companies often overlook the costs of adoption and implementation, they assume the responsibility for doing so is in the hands of legal professionals. 

This perspective absolves providers of any responsibility for making adoption and implementation more accessible. Additionally, it puts the blame on lawyers for lagging professional trends and stifles innovation where it matters the most.

3. Tech companies offer multiple software systems, while lawyers prefer a more straightforward, all-in-one solution.

Law firms can quickly turn into a complex web of software and financial consolidation systems when using multiple applications for billing, support, and other operational tasks. 

While lawyers often try to leverage technology, they eventually realize that the software isn’t meeting all their needs and are left feeling disappointed.

The Solution

So, what does all this mean?

This research showed us that lawyers want technology that makes running their firms as easy as possible. To ensure we’re meeting the needs of our customers throughout their journey, we prioritized the following initiatives:

  1. Product enhancement and evolution: Clients currently rate MyCase a 9.5 out of 10 for ease of use, higher than the ratings of any of our competitors. That didn’t stop us from making our product even better. Today, our website makes it even easier for legal professionals to find exactly what they’re looking forwhether it’s product updates, company information, or industry news. 
  2. Making MyCase a “quick and easy-to-use” software: We want the adoption and implementation of legal software to be quick and easy for law firms. MyCase seamlessly migrates your data from your existing system, so you can transition and get started without any delays. Survey data shows that MyCase has the shortest onboarding period, with most of our clients fully onboarded and set up for success within just three days. 
  3. Developing an all-in-one solution: We developed a platform that equips lawyers with the power to access everything they need from one place. To solve the problem of disparate document management, we created MyCase Drive, and to centralize law firm finances that allow for greater control and reporting, MyCase Accounting was born. We’ve also made several acquisitions to make our product more robust and cater to specific practice areas, like personal injury. Lastly, we’ve doubled down on our partnerships. We’re releasing new integrations every month to build a complete solution for your firm.  

Tying it All Together

This research has been a game-changer for our business. We realized that we need to prioritize simple adoption and implementation of solutions. Hence, MyCase Drive, MyCase Accounting, Woodpecker, Soluno, CASEPeer, and all other upcoming features and enhancements promise ease of use and execution. 

We’re using these findings to make legal technology accessible to all law firms. Plus, we’re changing how we reward and incentivize our product teams, allocate company resources, and communicate our value as a companystarting with the launch of our new website.

I’ll leave you to explore the ‘new’ MyCase, while we continue to build products that will make you love technology as much as we do.

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