Houston Personal Injury Firm Saves 2 Hours Per Day with MyCase

Rahlita Thornton is a true mainstay in the Houston community. For the better part of thirty years, her practice, Thornton Esquire Law Group, has offered legal advice and counsel to a growing network of referred clients. Through authenticity and empathy, her team of ten ushers those who are struggling with divorce or injury to a place of security—and the word is spreading rapidly. Beyond a strong business acumen and exemplary staff, Rahlita attributes much of her efficiency to MyCase—it saves her considerable time, enables her to help more clients, and helps her get paid more consistently.

2 Hours Saved Per Day, on Average

When running a law firm, time is a scarce commodity. No attorney will tell you otherwise. But typical temporal hurdles aside, the act of delegation itself once cost Rahlita more hours than it saved—often up to two hours per day. Communicating granular case details daily as the minutes ticked by compounded into a great source of frustration. 

“From 1991 all the way up to 2017, I had no more than one person working for me. And it was simply because I only had enough time to explain things to one person.”

Practice management software made all the difference. After onboarding with MyCase, Rahlita had the tools (and bandwidth) to expand her firm without the fear of forfeiting billable hours to extraneous staff communication.

“The Workflows in MyCase made it such that I can assign a whole set of Tasks to one assistant with the click of a button. And that’s how I’ve grown my firm, because everything is so organized as far as my details for my Workflows and my Tasks. There are days where I don’t have to talk to my assistants at all —  particularly when they’re working from home.”

Fast and Consistent Client Payments

You’d think catering to clients of all economic backgrounds in one of America’s largest metropolitan areas would monopolize a firm’s time spent on billing. You’d be right, however, with the exception of Thornton Esquire Law Group. MyCase grants her the tools to maintain flexibility in her billing practices in order to get paid quickly and in full. To meet clients where they are financially, not only does she accept all forms of payment, but she can effortlessly split a lump sum into incremental installments over any window of time.

“We have some clients that really want to make sure that their bill is taken care of, but they may not be able to afford it right then. So, we put them on a payment plan using MyCase and the rest gets taken care of automatically.”

Paralegals Unburdened by Administrative Tasks

Why make a human do a robot’s job? The legal profession undoubtedly calls for a human touch, but not necessarily in all realms. Much of Rahlita’s behind-the-scenes work—calendaring, task delegation, and staff communication—happens in MyCase, necessitating significantly less staff resources, let alone staff themselves.

“I don’t actually have to try to hire as many paralegals because (MyCase’s) legal assistant can do a lot of jobs that many paralegals would do. And now I can free up the higher-level thinking and tasks for my paralegals.”

Unencumbered by manual, administrative work, the staff at Thornton Esquire Law Group can focus their efforts on the practice of law, enabling them to do what they do best. With case management software and a stellar legal team working in tandem, Thornton Esquire Law Group is a well-oiled machine.