Get Your Law Firm Ready for 2020 With These Free Ebooks

The New Year is right around the corner and you know what that means: time to start planning a successful 2020 for your law firm. Does your firm need to increase productivity? Are billing processes as efficient as they could be? Will adding oversight capabilities make it easier for you to have a full understanding of your law firm’s profitability? Do you need to implement new technologies into your law firm that will increase mobility and make it easier for lawyers to access case-related information anytime, day or night?

No matter what your goals for your firm in the upcoming year, we’ve got you covered! Over the past year we’ve published monthly ebooks for law firm leaders to help them run their firms more efficiently and effectively. And best of all, they’re FREE.

So without further ado, here’s a round up of our 2019 ebooks, all of which were written by law practice management and legal technology experts. Download one (or two, or even three!) today and get your firm off to a strong start in 2020.

The Law Firm New Year’s Checklist

What steps have you taken to make sure your firm will hit its performance goals in the new year? If you’re still midway through annual planning or have yet to start, this handy checklist is packed with administrative tips, legal tech updates, and strategies that will set you up for success in the coming year, and well beyond. Download this FREE ebook to learn how to: 1) Boost your firm’s efficiency with legal technology, 2) get more clients with an elevated online presence, 3) introduce flexibility with improved accessibility and billing practices, and 4) much more!

The Ultimate Guide to Legal Billing

Like it or not, revenue generation is central to the growth and longevity of your law firm. Yet even though you’re in business to make money, common billing inefficiencies endemic to the legal industry could be holding you back from getting paid for all the billable hours you’ve worked. From the science of rate setting to time-tracking best practices, use this all-encompassing guide to evolve your billing practices to a place in which you are compensated on time, every time. Download this FREE ebook to learn how to: 1) Establish a fee structure and schedule for your services, 2) never lose another billable hour by using contemporaneous time tracking, 3) get your invoices out the door every month, and 4) collect payment quicker, and in full.

How to Run Your Law Firm Like a Business

A managing partner should never have to make decisions based on speculation. The data exists, as does the technology, to gather and make sense of it  all. But without knowing what to collect or how to assess the data, it can be challenging to translate findings into strategy. In this guide we offer methods and solutions you can implement today to navigate financial, case, and staff management so you can make data-backed decisions. Download this FREE ebook to learn how to: 1) Identify the blind spots in your law firm’s performance, 2) better track success against your business goals with reporting, 3) take the guesswork out of key business decisions through data, delegation, and technology, and 4) much more!

The 7 Pitfalls of On-Premise Software

Much of your law firm’s efficiency hinges on the back-end technology that streamlines your processes. But when you rely on antiquated software, and it begins to slow down your processes or require extravagant upkeep costs, you may find further investment unjustifiable – and even harmful to your business. In other words, it may be time for an upgrade. That’s where this head-to-head comparison of on-premise vs. cloud-based software comes in. Download this FREE ebook to learn about: 1) Key considerations when adopting cloud-based vs. on-premise solutions, 2) practical and ethical limitations of both cloud and on-premise software, 3) the advantages of cloud-based solutions,  and 4) the pivotal role accessibility plays in your software choice.

Get More Clients With Lead Tracking

Law firms spend a significant amount of time and money attracting new clients. But one frequently overlooked step in the client intake process can significantly increase the rate at which clients retain your firm: lead tracking. Get a breakdown of the ways in which your staff can leverage technology to identify and capitalize on your most promising lead sources. Download this FREE ebook to learn how to: 1) Identify your firm’s prime engagement channels, 2) engage with potential clients using simple technology tools, 3) find the best CRM solution to track and nurture your leads, 4) measure your marketing effectiveness with tracking parameters, and 5) much more!

Unlocking the Mysteries of Google Scholar

Many small firm lawyers still struggle to find a low-cost alternative to costly subscriptions when it comes to conducting legal research. Enter Google Scholar, an easy-to-use platform that grants users access to a broad spectrum of federal and state case law without breaking the bank. Download this FREE ebook to learn how to: 1) Conduct legal research with ease using the platform’s case law and articles, 2) create targeted keyword/phrase searches to improve your research, 3) speed up your searches with advanced filters and a hidden search feature, 4) search parties, judges, attorneys, and expert witnesses, and 5) much more!

What Law Practice Management Software Can Do For Your Firm

It’s not uncommon for law firms to view technology as something grafted onto existing, offline office systems. Yet, one of the major advantages of a law practice management system (LPMS) is that it’s a holistic solution for your law firm. In this ebook, Jared Correia covers 5 key processes in practice management that can be addressed through the consistent use of a law practice management system.

Download this FREE ebook to learn how software will help you to: 1) Create a better client communications system, 2) build a paperless document management program, 3) develop seamless staff workflows, author billing and collection protocols, and 4) much more!

How To Delegate Efficiently and Effectively

It’s remarkable how many lawyers take it upon themselves to do everything when they should be dedicating their time to the tasks that are most critical for their business (and the tasks that only they can do). The truth is not all work must be performed by an attorney; there are plenty of opportunities to strategically spread the workload around without forfeiting quality or momentum. Enter effective delegation which allows your busy firm to increase its output significantly despite limited resources. To learn more, download this FREE guide, where you’ll learn about: 1) The four reasons all lawyers should delegate, 2) the five steps of effective delegation, 3) how to address legal ethics concerns relating to delegation, and 4) much more!

Online Reputation Management for Lawyers

Type the name of your law firm into any search engine and the results are sure to yield a series of reviews in tandem with your business information. These ratings matter. They’re the first thing consumers take into account when pursuing your services. With the rise of Yelp and other online review sites, reputation management is a must. Knowing how to respond to online reviews both effectively and ethically is key. Download this FREE ebook to learn how to: 1) Monitor online mentions of your firm, 2) reap the benefits of positive reviews, 3) counteract negative reviews, and 4) much more!

Law Firm Finances: Billing and Invoicing Tips

To this day, one of the most common challenges growing law firms face is getting paid. Your payment structure notwithstanding, a smooth billing process is predicated on honest and open communication — particularly during the initial consultation. When paired with a dependable, secure technology solution, the latest billing best practices will help you achieve a significant drop in friction, avoid awkward client interactions, and ultimately collect on more unpaid invoices. Read here to learn about: 1) 10 billing issues you MUST cover during your consultation, 2) how to mitigate resistance to fees with clients, 3) proven ways to deal with overdue invoices, and 4) much more!

Tips for Automating Your Law Practice

An inescapable part of managing a law firm involves running through a number of repetitive processes daily to stay on task — from client intake to document generation. These necessary, albeit tedious, tasks can take their toll on the efficiency of your practice by draining hours from your workday. The good news is that almost any aspect of your law practice can be automated. Download this FREE guide to learn all about: 1) Which of your firm’s processes can be automated, 2) recommended technology for automating each process, 3) easy hacks to save time and boost efficiency, and 4) much more!

8 Essential Technologies to Increase Your Firm’s Productivity

If you often feel overwhelmed by the rapid pace of technological change, rest assure, you’re not alone. It’s not easy staying on top of changes in technology, but for most lawyers, doing so is an ethical obligation. That’s where this guide comes in. In it, we’ve outlined the 8 essential technologies lawyers need to increase efficiency and productivity in a modern practice. Download this FREE guide to learn: 1) Why adopting technology is essential for your firm, 2) how to conquer technoshock despite your busy schedule, 3) software and tools your firm needs right now, and 4) much more!