Dallas Family Law Firm Hits All-Time High Productivity Because of MyCase

We recently spoke with MyCase customer Bill Ashmore of Neal Ashmore Family Law Group, a Dallas-based family law firm. He shared how the firm is significantly more productive because of MyCase. Here are some highlights from the video.

In MyCase, you don’t have to go hunting for a timer, which I love.

At our firm we were using another software system for both front office and back office for case management. It was not designed for a firm of our size so we had lots of problems trying to make it work. It was bulky and was not compatible with a lot of things we had to do. Then one of our paralegals said you should consider MyCase.

MyCase provides an immediate way that you can set up tasks and sub-tasks, send it to your team.

And the tasks are there for the team members to go in and check off as they get done.

There’s also Workflows. We used to have to input things in one at a time – and that took forever. Now, once you get the template done, it populates!

Because of MyCase, I am able to more effectively manage my client’s cases and therefore allow the case team members that do all the heavy lifting to be more productive.

We’re more productive because of MyCase. The more I can tell other lawyers what we need to be doing and how we need to be doing it, the better for the client, the more streamlined for the client – and the better the result for the client.

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